Viral: Man Breaks Up with Girlfriend at Disney World

We are all so used to hearing stories about couples making it official at the happiest place on earth but its not often that we hear stories of couples that end it there!

Although it does happen every now and again, this story witnessed by TheDisneyChef on Twitter has gone viral.


This witness was stunned to watch this crazy moment unravel in front of her and a huge crowd of guests exiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Apparently, a man thought it was a great idea to take his girlfriend to her favorite place in the world, Walt Disney World, and proceed to end their relationship there thinking it would soften the blow. As the story goes on and the crowd dies down, the woman realizes that the now ex-boyfriend is not returning to their hotel at All Star. It turns out he had already booked himself his own room: AT THE GRAND FLORIDIAN!

Now if you are not familiar in the difference between these resorts, an All Star hotel is the cheapest yet comfortable resort on property. The Grand Floridian is an upscale, Victorian style resort right across the lagoon from Walt Disney World.So safe to say the story escalates again and this happened in front of a huge crowd as well.

Moral of the Story: Don’t be that guy.



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