Review: Disney Treasures’ Pirates Cove Box (Funko)


Well, it has arrived! Funko’s first venture into their Disney Treasures subscription box service. Here is our unboxing and review of Pirates Cove. Watch the video and then join me afterwards for a closer look.

Let’s see what’s in the box!

First off, a thank you note from Funko’s CEO Brian Mariotti.

Next is this box’ collector patch and pin.

The patch features Captain Hook on a pirate flag. This is the first of six patches which will form a border for a special seventh patch… details of which will be revealed later.

The pin features Pirate Mickey, and the Disney Treasures logo. This is an official Disney Pin Trading pin as well.

In addition, for those who signed up for the Adventurer Subscription or Pioneer Subscription, this month featured a special pin. Here is the Pioneer one.

In addition to the patch and pins, a sticker matching the one featured on the outside of the crate was floating around in the box. I enjoy the theme of this subscription service, with the box each month being the same, just with more stickers on the outside.

Now, here is a look at the first of the two Funko vinyl figures that were revealed prior to the box being shipped… the Smee Pop! Vinyl.

Although my Smee is a bit top heavy (wanting to fall backwards all the time) and the paint applications on my vinyl was not the best, this is a wonderful representation of one of my favorite Disney Villains henchmen.

Next up, the Disney Theme Parks Dorbz Ridez: Pirates of the Caribbean Wicked Wench Captain with Pirate Ship.

Featuring the ship from one of the scenes on the Pirates of the Caribbean park ride in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, this captain is from the ride PRIOR to when the whole ride was retrofitted to feature movie versions of Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa (Captain Barbossa fills the spot of this captain on the ship).

And finally, the last vinyl figure in this box… the previously unknown Jack Sparrow Mystery Mini.

Each Disney Treasures box will feature a piece in the Disney Mini Tins collection, exclusive to this subscription.

This month’s tin features images from the Disneyland version of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Overall, this is a very strong subscription box. Being a big Disney fanatic and a lover of visiting the theme parks, the fact that this box features theme parks items and Disney characters getting love that might have not gotten their due yet.

What’s next for Disney Treasures?

The next theme is Festival of Friends, and features a Dumbo Pop!… I am kind of hoping that it is a Pop! Rides Dumbo, based off the theme park ride.

Also featured on the inside of the box is a map showcasing all of the six themes for this year: Pirates Cove, Festival of Friends, Ever After Castle, Snowflake Mountain, Haunted Forest, and Tiny Town. I took a guess at what these themes might feature a few weeks back.

Want to subscribe for the next edition of Disney Treasures? Head over to their website to sign up.

Did you subscribe to Disney Treasures? What do you think of the Pirates Cove box? Let us know. 



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