Disney LongBox Reviews : Mickey’s Craziest Adventures

Mickey’s Craziest Adventures

Written by Lewis Trondheim

Art by Keramidas

Translated by David Gerstein

Country of Origin : France  

I have returned from a hiatus, I decided to take these last two months off to focus on some matters  in my personal life that needed more attention such as schoolwork and my side business, I did pop in from time to time reviewing episodes of Disney cartoons or posting scanlations to let my fans know of upcoming comic releases. Prepare for lots of IDW and Joe Books reviews during the beginning of May so I can catch up on the issues I missed out on. I apologize in advance but I didn’t expect this hiatus to last as long as it did.



Not going to lie, this was a comic series  that was hard to review, it is so different from normal Disney comics that I did know what to make of them. It is without a doubt one of the most unique Disney comics out there in terms of presentation. Please note this review contains references to the fact some content is missing on purpose to authenticate the feel these are lost comics. Thank you and let’s begin the review.

The comic begins as Mickey is on his way to work as he bumps into Donald who is having car problems himself. Donald asks Mickey if he could give him a lift to the bin so he could go to work under his miser uncle Scrooge. But Mickey kicks him out of the car leaving Donald to fend for himself.

Donald eventually walks over to the money bin explaining to him why he was late as Scrooge send him to Gyro’s to get a robotic maid. But a mysterious stranger zaps Donald with a shrinking ray as he shrinks down onto the carpet where he finds a shrunken Mickey running for his life from a spider.

Mickey and Donald eventually wander into a garden to escape from various other bugs ( Cant really cover what happened from the spider to the garden since those pages are missing). The two get snatched by a praying mantis and a centipede as the two prepare to bid their fond farewells. Suddenly, the ray wears off returning our two heroes to their normal size.

Mickey’s car breaks down as he tries to give a local kid some money to borrow his scooter. The kid refuses even after Mickey offers double the money. The kid begins to wonder if Mickey is actually a crook trying to swindle him as he makes things worse for Mickey. The ruckus spreads through town as Chief O’Hara takes Mickey off the case before he is shrunk himself by the same individual that shrunk Donald earlier on.

Donald returns to the money bin to find that Scrooge has once again been robbed, his money has vanished as Scrooge tries to figure out what could have caused this. He theorizes it was the shrink ray. He pins the blame on Donald and makes him owe him all the money that was stolen then kicks him out.

Mickey and Goofy, meanwhile are still on the trail of the criminal as they crash in a nearby river. Donald meanwhile with Helper, go looking around for fridges ( Again, I do not know whats going on due to missing pages) to find Gyro Gearloose. They eventually find him as Mickey and Goofy catches up.Gyro informs them that Peg Leg Pete and the Beagle Boys were the ones who stole his shrink ray as Donald goes into his inner Daffy Duck to keep Goofy from eating the food in the fridge.

Mickey, Donald and Gyro soon fly 200 miles south of town to find Pete’s crashed plane to uncover where their hideout might be. They soon find the wreckage as Mickey jumps off without realizing the others would have safely landed on the ground. They soon discover that Scrooge’s  coins made the plane explode when the ray wore off expanding their size back to normal causing the crash. They began collecting all the loose change they can find as they are hot on the trail of the criminals.

Will Mickey and Donald eventually find those criminals in the deep jungle or will the treacherous creatures living in the jungle get to them first ? You will have to go on Ebay to get these rare issues for yourself.


Mickey’s Craziest Adventures was a unique experiment done by European artists that gave the Disney characters a unique touch which makes the writing and art pop out compared to the other comics from Disney. This is a treat for all comic fans who love to see Mickey and the rest of the gang in unique designs and personalities.

I love how the comic is treated as a series of lost Disney comics found in the Disney archives that were never released to the public. Even down to the quality and the detoriation of the pages themselves making it have that 1960s look.  Mickey can be a downright jerk in this but it is closer to his original personality in the 1930s than anything in animation today. It is nice to see the Duck and Mouse Universe characters interacting together since the comics usually keep them separate except for special comics such as Donald Quest or Ultraheroes.

Mickey’s Craziest Adventures is a blast for all Disney collectors plus children of all ages. Highly recommended for the art alone. Be sure to collect the other Disney comics from these artists coming soon at a later date.






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