Review: Finding Dory Hatch’n Heroes (Bandai)

When Finding Dory came out last year, Bandai teamed up with Disney and Pixar to release a bunch of toys in conjunction with the franchise. One of those items were the Finding Dory line of Hatch’n Heroes, a collectible toy where the figures fold up into a egg shape. Also included in this line are other Pixar properties like Toy Story and The Good Dinosaur. Unfortunately, I am not sure the line did that well, or was overproduced, as I recently found that Target had them on clearance. I figured to gamble on the minimal investment and see if I liked the Finding Dory Hatch’n Heroes to add to my collection… or if they would be gifted to my smaller cousins after review. Check out my video review of the figures, and continue below for a closer look.

The Finding Dory Hatch’n Heroes line includes Dory, Nemo, Destiny, Bailey, and Hank.

I mean, the premise of the figures are pretty simple… folding up to be an egg. So, for having to be designed for folding purposes, some of the figures are still nicely done. I especially like Dory and Destiny. The weakest I feel is Bailey, and I must admit that Nemo had a hard time sitting as an egg on his anemone perch.

Hatch’n Heroes Packaging.


All folded up.

Overall, I like the figures enough to keep them in my Disney Pixar collection, especially since I picked them up on clearance. Opened up, they will make a nice display set on my shelves.


Did you pick up the Finding Dory Hatch’n Heroes set? If so, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.



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