Funko Review: Pop! Ursula/ Cruella 2pk (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Being a Disney fanatic, when I heard that Hot Topic was going to have some Disney Villains Pop! Vinyls as exclusives this spring, I was both excited and dismayed. Excited because the new designs of the Disney Villains Pop! Vinyls looked amazing. Dismayed because my local store never seems to get the exclusive in a timely fashion, if ever. Luckily, a friend helped me track down one of the new Ursula/ Cruella 2pk last week, which I was able to review recently. Check out my video review and then continue for more pictures of this unboxing.

Here is a closer look at the Ursula/ Cruella 2pk.

Ursula is wearing King Triton’s crown and carrying his trident, based on the final battle scene in The Little Mermaid. Cruella has her famous crazed look as she tires to get those puppies in 101 Dalmatians.

These are great Pop! Vinyls, and part of a wonderful expansion of the Disney Villains line. I can’t wait to add the Maleficent (with Glow Chase!) and Queen of Hearts Pop! Vinyls to my collection as well.

The new Hot Topic Exclusive Disney Villains line.


Did you pick up the Ursula/ Cruella 2pk for your collection? What are your thoughts on the new Disney Villains Pop! Vinyls? Let us know below.


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