Happily Ever After Review

I had the opportunity to attend the debut day for Happily Ever After, Magic Kingdom’s new Fireworks show. Disney wasted no time making sure everyone had everything they needed to show their love of the show. Overnight they placed merchandise and posters of the new show all over the park. The following morning, fans took notice and the anticipation grew.

Park Maps Featuring Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After Poster in Magic Kingdom

Merchandise was front and center in the Emporium featuring tanks, tees, ornaments, cups, hats and more!


The crowds weren’t nearly as bad as the final Wishes performance but people did still camp out for spots.We didn’t arrive until about 4pm for reasons i am excited to share in an upcoming post but it didn’t start getting busy until about 5:30-6pm. Me and another friend who wanted to rest originally was sitting in the castle hub grass but about 25-30 mins in we were booted because apparently we were in the media section. After passing by later there wasn’t many people in our old spot which led me to assume this spot was reserved for the DisneyParks blog readers who were given the chance to see the show on its debut day with special perks.

Our spot for the day was on the corner of the hub towards the adventureland side which gave us great views. Due to the lack in crowds compared to the night before, we were able to breathe a little and sit in more comfortable positions. There was a 7:15pm Move it, Shake it show that was supposed to happen but was cancelled because guests were sitting in the streets saving spots for the fireworks.I can only assume the crowds were less because it was a new show, it was being livestreamed by Disney Parks and other Disney sites and that it wasn’t going away anytime soon so it wasn’t as much of a big deal.

so 9pm came and throughout the entire show, there was constant cheers, guests singing familiar songs, oohs and aahs and of course tears were shed. I truly appreciated the message of the show which to me was to go after your dreams and make them a reality. The show explored how heroes and villains went after their own happily ever afters through projections, lasers, music and fireworks. The show made me emotional as the first character you see is Princess Tiana, who is a favorite of mine. Crowds certainly appreciated the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Moana, Genie from Aladdin, Hercules and Pirates of the Caribbean sequences. Fans have been clamoring for some underrated films to be featured more in the parks and this helped alot. I also appreciated the lack of Frozen. A frozen song was included but thankfully it was not “Let it Go” but “Love is an Open Door” instead. Overall i truly think this show is an excellent product of what Disney Parks can bring to guests.The only thing with Happily Ever After is that projections on the castle are a big part of the show. So if you watch it from a resort you will not get the full experience of it.

Personally, i absolutely loved the show and i think it’s a must see! Check out some photos and videos i got from the show’s debut. ( I apologize in advance for my friend’s screaming haha.) For more photos and a peek at the full finale, check out my instagram “Hecallsmepineappleprincess.”


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