Wishes Final Performance Review

Hello All!

It has been a while since you have heard from me as i have just spent a week moving down to Orlando and adjusting to my brand new life here. Safe to say it has left me pretty busy but i got to spend a few days at Disney World relaxing, including being able to see the final performance of wishes and the very first showing of Happily Ever After!

I will start with Wishes.

My friends and I knew it would be ridiculously packed that day and so we decided to attend Magic Kingdom at Park open and camp out for spots about 3 hours prior to showtime. When we entered, there were already a few individuals camping out starting at 10am. I even saw a girl on the hub grass tackling a 1,000 piece puzzle while she waited. The dedication of Disney fans is astounding because the weather forecast for that day? 91 degrees. We took the time to have some park fun and occasionally look out at castle hub and Main street to gauge when we should begin looking for our spots. I ended up leaving around 3pm for a job orientation and making my way back to Magic Kingdom around 7pm. The traffic was so bad and the parking lots were just about full as you could imagine. I parked at the Polynesian Resort and found a decent spot luckily but because of crowds heading to the parks on all modes of transportation, i didnt get into Magic Kingdom until about 8pm.

This is why i am honestly glad they made the decision to bring bag check and meta detectors to resorts and TTC because it saved so much time. When i departed the monorail to enter Magic Kingdom, there was almost no one at the ticket entrance. Could you imagine if they had not made those changes? It took me about a good 20 mins to find my party who was camped out near the partners statue and i have to take the time to applaud the cast members working PAC on both days because they did an amazing job making sure everyone was safe.

Now if you have ever been to Magic Kingdom on New Years Eve, then the last night of Wishes is an equally good comparison. There was no sense of personal space among guests. It was very, very packed and everyone was almost shoulder to shoulder. I was honestly concerned about safety with so many people being in the hub and main street but again, PAC did a great job. I saw some fellow bloggers setting up to livestream or photograph the final performance and while i tried to as well, i just couldn’t get a signal due to the amount of people on the park’s wifi.

9pm came and everyone cheered as the fireworks show began and of course sang along to the songs and words. There were people holding one another in comfort and constant cheers from the audience. Unfortunately i do have to mention that the music and fireworks were out of sync at times but i don’t think anyone noticed besides me to be honest. You could feel in the air how much of an impact this show made on guests and how important it was to us all. During the finale, everyone sang in unison the final words of Wishes that we would hear for the very last time. Even the R&B version after Wishes ended got a sing along, which is my favorite part of the fireworks show. As far as exiting, it was very difficult so we decided to stay put for about 10 mins before lining our party up, holding on to the straps of each other’s backpacks and making our way through the dying crowd. Overall, my final experience with Wishes was emotional but satisfying.

To watch the final performance of wishes, check out the video below!


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