Disney LongBox Reviews : Disney Frozen #3


Written by Georgia Ball, Illustrated by Benedetta Barone with  Michela Cacciatore

Anna and Elsa are relaxing in their lounge as Kai comes in with the daily mail. Elsa decides to sort through them, awaiting for a special letter to come in, she had previously invited kings and queens from other kingdoms to come visit Arandelle to get know the other regions more. Elsa finds that Queen Maghereb from the mysterious country Yuwabe will be coming in a few days.

Anna volunteers to go do research on the country along with Kristoff by going to a nearby bookstore but unfortunately the only book covering the country is a bit out-dated. She decides to organize a play with the local children out of the limited information that she has while Elsa prepares the castle for a suitable welcome.

The days pass as the queen soon arrives in the kingdom as she is welcomed by Queen Elsa. Kristoff prepares a Yuwabe meal to the best of his efforts which disappoints the Queen seeing that his efforts turned into a gooey mess. Will the rest of the evening go well ? Read the full story for yourself to find out.


This is a story that I liked since it tackles the mystery of what other kingdoms can be found in the Disney universe, we know Corona is in the same universe as Frozen but what else is out there ? Plus it brings in diversity for the first time as the kingdom of Yawbe features possibly African royalty. I found it was a nice touch to have Elsa and Anna trying to figure out a foreign kingdom and their traditions.


Written by Georgia Ball, Illustrated by Benedetta Stone with Michela Cacciatore and Elisabetta Melaranci

Olaf is on his normal routine of greeting everyone in the castle as he finds an unusual guest, he asks for his name. The mysterious person is revealed to be Thord and claims he is there on cleaning duty and sends Olaf off with a bear statue claiming it would better in the living room.

Kai notices Olaf carrying the statue and asks Olaf about why he was carrying it. He soon calls the guards and they take Thord to the queen fearing that he is nothing but a thief. Elsa recovers the map that Thord had stolen and asks him why he stole it. Thord explains that he is a distant relative of the royal family and declares himself the true heir to the throne of Arandelle.

He explains that the map leads to a secret that is potentially the source of Elsa’s mysterious powers and he wanted it for himself. The guards take him away to the dungeon as Anna, Elsa and Kristoff walk to the Valley of the Trolls to discuss the matter with Grand Pabbie. He tells them  the secret is a bronze horn called the Elferben Lur as a gift from a neighbouring kingdom.

Once they return to the kingdom, they find out that Thord has escaped as it soon becomes a race to find the Lur before Thord does. Will the sisters succeed ? Read the second part in the next issue.


As the first Frozen story with a continuing plot, this story has a lot going for it. It introduces a new villain ( who bears a striking resemblance to a certain thief from Tangled) , a new plot element that could explains where Elsa’s powers came from and a new sense of adventure as the sisters are forced to travel in an area they have never visited before to prevent a greater danger from happening.

I could see this plot being implemented in the up-coming sequel to the film. I can’t wait to see how it concludes.


Written by Tea Orsi, Illustrated by Emilio Urbano

During a snowy evening in Arandelle, the gang are playing a board game as Anna wins once again as Kai comes in to interrupt the fun with an emergency. A baker has baked some bread for some cousins who live up on the mountains but the road has been blocked hence he cannot reach their home. The poor family will starve if they cant get the supplies up the mountains.

The gang soon go on board their sled pulled by Sven, on their way to the mountains making their way to the blockade as Elsa uses her powers to dig their way inside the snow. They soon make their way to the family in time.


This is a nice little story to round off the issue, the art is gorgeous, the colouring is a vast improvement over the last two issues where it varied from page to page due to the large crews from Italy handling colouring duties. I liked that the plot showcases the dangers of living in a country where snow can be a hazard year round. Usually stories featuring the Disney princesses do not present such dangers and I am glad this story covers it.


Frozen #3 brings new readers the fun of the animated film that inspired it. These new adventures featuring Anna and Elsa are prefect for young children to read over and over. With improved writing and art, the series shines amongst other youth oriented comic books.

Will you be picking it up ?





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