Disney Infinity Moana Playset Intro Animatic Revealed

It was known a while ago that a Moana playset was coming to Disney Infinity, but now thanks to Heather Dixon, who worked on the game, we have got a first look at what the intro could have looked like, as she has released a video showing the intro animatic from a interview she did with Deseret News.

Here’s the intro animatic I created for the game, which was a fun challenge — we had to keep it short and low on assets for live render purposes. We had the idea of telling the intro narration on a tapa cloth tapestry, which would then be created in 3-D to look flat and textured. Needless to say, it was gnarly fun, and I’m glad I can now share it.

Here is a video showing off a sneak peek at what the Moana intro could have looked like:

As a big fan of Moana, I would have loved to have seen this playset released and I still have my fingers crossed something could be done with the work they completed, but it does sound like the playset wasn’t completely finished when the big axe came down on Disney Infinity.

What do you think of this intro?


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