Nemo’s Reef Closing Down In June

Disney Interactive have announced that their mobile game, Nemo’s Reef, will not longer be available to download or offer in-app purchases.  And that the game will be available to existing players until June 30th, when the servers will be turned off.

Here are the full details:

As a valued player, we want to let you know that in-app purchases are no longer available in Nemo’s Reef, and the product will not be available for download after May 31, 2017. You will still be able to play the game until June 30, 2017, after which point the servers will go offline. Please note that refunds or credit cannot be provided on virtual goods, game currency, or other items purchased by or provided to you.

Thank you for your passion in exploring Nemo’s Reef with us over the years.

Once again, Disney shut down another game that obviously isn’t making enough money to keep it running and warn players of other mobile games that these games are often short term experiences and any purchases should be treated as such.  We’ve seen many games close recently and its a shame this game will be closing for those that’s enjoy it.

What do you think of Nemo’s Reef closing?



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  • Jennifer

    I wish they weren’t closing it down I am so sad and angry right now.. may as well delete it now..

  • J

    One of the ew apps that wasn’t violent. Kids and parents enjoyed it

  • cathy smith

    I love nemos reef. It is very calming and beautiful . Will be we sad to see it go. Non violent very few out there

  • Nancy

    I’m angry and sad because I loved this relax and interesting game and now is gone!! Hope Disney’s return the app and can download it and play it again in the not too distant future

  • Moog

    Loved Nemo’s Reef. Played it for 5 years and enjoyed building the reef with colourful combinations and cute fish. Damn Disney!

  • Molly

    I played every day even though I havent been able to level up in months. I wish I would have had some notice so I could have played a little more and said goodbye. Always wondered why Disney didnt take advantage of Finding Dory to update this game last summer. My daughter and I are still sad about Club Penguin closing, we spent a lot of real money on Club Penguin. Not happy with Disney about this.

  • Pissed

    I wish they would’ve put a warning when opening the app that it wouldn’t be available much longer! I would’ve spent the 500 pearls, 400,000+ algae & 2,000,000+ sand dollArs on one last hurrah….never downloading another disney app again!!! Extremely disappointed…

  • Terry Schossler

    I purchased 50.00 in pearls for 5 different tablets for nemo reef very angry they could have still let us play the game just not have the option to buy more or any more surpport for the Game.



    Sorry for using Japanese.
    A 4 year old child was looking forward to it everyday.
    Finally, He started to understand how to use it.
    He is very sad. Please, please resume.

  • Dave Hummel

    Ive been playing for years and will miss it. Been trying to log in for days and just found out it was gone. Hope the powers to be change there minds and let us play.

  • Robin

    I’m so sad. I’ve been playing for a few years with my young grandkids. ALL other games are so violent. I had hundreds of pearls, etc on the table. I would have spent them. Another Disney dissointment. I will miss my only relaxing app I had found. Time to boycott all things Disney. After getting on only 7 rides at Disneyland 2 weeks ago because of excessive crowds and rude employees everywhere… I’m done.

  • Vicki Carr

    I agree and had the same experience of purchasing pearls shortly before game was terminated. That constitutes fraud in my mind. Bad buy Disney. Amazon must have been aware also and have tarnished their image with me. I am reconsidering purchases from them.

  • SueBee

    I agree…Nemo’s Reef was the only game I enjoyed spending hours playing. It would of been nice to have some warning they were closing it down! I tried to load game for a month thinking something was wrong with the app so I finally decided to remove it and re-download it, but it was not in the app stores anymore! Had to search on-line for the explanation. Very disappointed in Disney!!!

  • Irenio Salazar

    My niece is heartbroken 😔

  • Bex

    I am heartbroken. I had played this game for 5 years. It was the only game I had to help me relax, after a motor bike accident. Where I couldn’t leave my house. Please bring it back. I have been sad ever since. Never another game like it.

  • Andrey

    I am also very sad and I want it to come back after it shut down I looking for it sense today and I wanted to know if it shut down or something and I looked and I read somthings and then I noticed it was gone.I am very sad because it was my favret game I’d ever played and I hope nemos reef comes back.

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