Spoiler Alert: Disney Treasures Festival of Friends Definitely Delivers

Funko, in my opinion has led the subscription box market ever since it began with the Marvel Collector Corp. Since then, it has excelled with a Star Wars box and a DC Universe themed box.  The latest subscription box is Disney Treasures and after only two boxes, Funko has added another winner to its lineup.

Our press copy arrived tonight and after finding out last month that we were getting a Dumbo Pop, my “surprise” expectations were low. Not that I need a surprise. Just opining that I wasn’t expecting something else to wow me. Thankfully I was wrong. First here’s the patch and pin. Piglet and Thumper definitely fit in the description of “friends” so nice choices for these.

Again, the main Pop was revealed by Funko already and while not a surprise, it is very well done. Dumbo is sculpted in a flying pose on a plastic holder while Timothy bums a ride in his hat.

Here’s where I was pleasantly surprised to find a 2nd Pop in the box. And even the biggest complainers, and oh you know who you are, must admit that adding a first time ever classic character such as Pluto is a definite winning choice. Pluto is Mickey’s loyal friend so great job, Funko, with this choice.

One of my favorite aspects of the first two boxes is that we get a nice mystery mini in tin. I don’t know why but I love tins. In this tin is Mr. “You Got a Friend In Me” Woody from Toy Story. Yep, definitely fits the theme.

No shirt in the box. Actually no clothes at all. I’m fine with this if it means I get more collectibles. An oversized pop in Dumbo (yes the box is bigger than normal Pop boxes), a 2nd Pops, and a Mystery mini make the retail price of $25 an excellent deal.

The last thing in the box is the “treasure map” that shows on one side the planning of the box while the back tells us the theme of the next box.


Make sure you go to the Funko Disney Treasures site to subscribe today


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