Disney Small Shop Review: EarMeOut Boutique

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I have been super busy with my new life but i am here to share my newfound love for an AMAZING ears shop that i have had the honor of representing lately. But before i share my review of the shop, let’s meet the owner!

Lindsay’s inspiration for the shop originally happened when she couldn’t find a decent pair of Hocus Pocus themed ears. Also she noticed that other shops were pricing their character ears at high prices and she wanted to be able create ears that were affordable and unique that Disney fans could wear to the parks. Like most shops she started on Instagram and expanded to an etsy shop. The shop’s name changed three times before EarMeOut Boutique came to be! Originally, the shop was called “Ohana Ears” but it didn’t sound good to Lindsay. Then it became Lindsay’s Disney Boutique but due to trademark issues that had to be changed according to her mother. Finally a coworker suggested EarMeOut boutique, which sounded so cute and witty that it stuck around.

When the shop first opened, it was Lindsay, her mother and her Cast Member boyfriend who would help with designs for the ears. But now it is just Lindsay and her mother. Lindsay creates everything herself including but not limited to ordering the fabric and materials, sewing and assembling. To test new products she usually posts a mock product and asks her mother for suggestions to see if it could use more or less of something. She has also just recruited a group of brand reps to wear and share her products between both domestic parks too and each has their own discount code to share with those who express interest in products that they own.

The most popular items in the shop are Disney Themed Flower Crowns and Custom Orders of films that Lindsay noticed were not featured in other shops. Her Best Sellers are currently the following products:

Hocus Pocus Ears $25


Moana Inspired Ears $25


Beauty and the Beast Flower Crown (Front)

Beauty and the Beast Flower Crown (Back) $30

For this review, I have had the pleasure of having custom orders created for myself. I had a Princess and the Frog inspired bow, A Spaceship Earth/Foxy Brown animatronic inspired ears and a pineapple inspired flower crown made for myself. Each holds a special meaning for my own personal life. To start, my items came in a timely manner. It arrived within a week of placing my order. They were wrapped in bubble wrap and decorative paper and attached was a special card. If you have read my reviews before you know i love handwritten cards from small shops!


I was extremely satisfied with each product but it was time to test them on the field. The Disney Parks.I chose to switch between the bow and flower crown during my day trip to Magic Kingdom and they held up all day. Not to mention i got many compliments on them as well so safe to say i will be getting more custom made pieces from EarMeOut Boutique.


Lindsay is always having giveaways and promotions on new products in her shop so be sure to follow on instagram  and/or her etsy shop.



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