Monorail Incident at Disney World

Friday Afternoon, Reedy Creek Fire Department responded to an “Unspecified” incident regarding Monorail Blue which was on its way to Epcot.

Guests aboard the monorail waited as the monorail was halted while Reedy Creek investigated the situation. One guest claimed the monorail was sparking and smoking. One twitter user, Jim Parker, stated that he found a piece of metal that landed in the parking lot from the monorail around 12:55pm.


A Spokesperson for Disney states that they will be looking into the man’s claims. Reedy Creek stated that there were no evacuations or injuries reported while guests were returned to the station and safely removed within 30 mins of response. According to the Disney Spokesperson, there was no damage to the monorail that operates between the TTC(Ticket and Transportation Center) and Epcot. The cause of the Malfunction is currently being investigated.



Victoria Wade

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