Review: RunDisney’s Pluto Virtual Running Shorts Series Medals

This summer, runDisney is running their second annual Virtual Running Shorts Series. Consisting of three 5Ks held “virtually” (on your honor system) from wherever the participants are, this year’s races are themed after Mickey’s best friend… his dog Pluto. For those who signed up for the full series, runDisney sent them not only a medal for each of the three 5ks, but also a finisher’s medal as well as some fun pet-friendly swag. Check out my unboxing video, and then proceed below for a better look at the medals and the swag.


First up, a look at the three different race medals, themed after three items associated with Pluto: Dog Collar, Dog Bowl, and Dog House.

And here is the Pluto Finisher’s Medal.

The four medals.

In addition to the medals, the “human” runner was gifted with a cool down towel. In addition, for the puppy participants (runDisney is encouraging runners to be active with their dogs), runDisney sent over a commemorative dog-tag and collapsible water bowl.

Cool down towel.


I’m really liking this series of medals. They compliment last year’s Mickey series of medals very well, and I can’t wait to see what next year brings… perhaps Donald, or Minnie, or Goofy? Excited to find out.

Did you join this year’s runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series featuring Pluto? What do you think of the medals and the swag?  Let us know in the comments below. 


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  • I signed up for the series this year! I didn’t sign up for any of the Virtual Running Shorts last year and regretted it. I ran my June 5k and hope to beat my time on the July 5k. I really love the medals! This is my first runDisney event so I didn’t know what to expect with the medals. They’re huge! I love that they’re metal and not rubber or something, very professional looking, we weren’t shortchanged for being virtual runners. My dog is training with me so I’m really pleased that she gets useful swag for her participation too!

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