Vacation Kingdom Know How: Off WDW Property Fun

It’s official: this time tomorrow I’ll be half way to Florida! We are spending some time in St. Augustine (about 2 hours from Orlando) then driving down to hang out with friends and see some of the sights.  Of course, we aren’t going to the Disney parks persay, but there are some sweet spots I’m excited to check out and want to share my excitement over… maybe you’ll find a place to check out when you visit Orlando next time too.

Vault 5421 decor (photo from Vault 5421 facebook)

International Drive has a bunch of awesome places to check out and is the heart of the tourist district.   For the nerdy crew, Gods & Monsters is an amazing comic book store that has moved around some (originally at the now closed Artegon Mall) and even has the new Vault 5421 bar in their store. If you need your comic book fix or somewhere to just nerd out, this is your place. Vault 5421 is themed to apocalyptic bar and I plan on checking out all the awesome things they have going on. (5421 International Drive)

Epics McDs

Right off of I Drive is the Epic McDonalds. It’s the world’s largest entertainment McDonalds that reopened in 2016 after a massive refurbishment. I’ve been super stoked to check this place out in person after going to the original building in the mid 1990’s when I was a wee little lady. I don’t remember much about it except there were games and my parents bought me a tshirt.  Cut to now, the restaurant has not only create your own burgers but pasta and wood fire baked pizza. And they have Mac Tonight from the early 90’s commercials! Prices will be a little more than your hometown McD’s, but it’s a great deal when looking for a value in the city of the Vacation Kingdom.  You can check out a video showing off how cool the Epic McDs is here.  (6875 Sand Lake Road, Orlando)

Disney Springs is a biggie on my list this trip. When I visited in March, I got to spend a little time in in the gorgeous new Disney Springs. This time around, I plan on hitting some of the stores I didn’t get to see yet (especially Uniqlo! Somehow I missed it last time and it’s the main place I wanted to see). Also this time we’re planning a Sunday morning trip to the Springs when people are hopefully in the parks.  I’m excited to work on some column ideas when we visit too, so keep an eye out for that (guys, deep down I’m a shopper!).  (1486 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando)

Alright friends, I’m keeping it short here so I can finish packing, but I’ll fill you all in on the awesome fun I find in Orlando! I’ll be taking next week off from a column due to my vacay (unless things slow down but I think we’ll be busy running around town all week). I’m excited to get some research done and share my findings with you all!



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