Pop! Review: Let Get Dangerous…. Darkwing Duck!

For today’s review, I tracked down the trio of Funko Pop! Vinyls from the Disney’s Darkwing Duck animated TV show. They were quite difficult to find around my area, so I was happy when my local Hot Topic notified me when a fresh shipment came in. Late last week, I unboxed them in all their fowl glory. Let’s check them out.

NOTE: In the video, I make mention about wanting there to be a DuckTales line. My luck, not 48 hours after I recorded the video, images surfaced of official Pop! Vinyls coming of Uncle Scrooge and more. You can see the images here.


Numbered 296-298 in the Disney line, here are Darkwing Duck (aka Drake Mallard), Launchpad McQuack (also seen in DuckTales) and Gosalyn Mallard (Drake’s daughter).

Here is an out of box look of the trio. I really love the look of the figures compared to their animated counterparts.

Overall, this is a wonderful addition to my Pop! collection, and I cannot wait to add the DuckTales line when they come out.

Want to add these Pop! Vinyls to your collection? Head over to Entertainment Earth, where you can also pre-order the Negaduck Pop! that is coming.

What do you think of these Pop! Vinyls? Have you added them to your collection? Let us know your thoughts below.




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