D23 Expo Level Up Video Games Showcase Recap

Level Up! The Walt Disney Company’s Video Game Showcase” is hosted by Polaris gamers JackSepticEye and Strawburry17 at D23 Expo featuring Disney, Marvel and Star Wars video games including LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, Spider-Man, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3.

Live Note: (This recap is being live blogged during the livestream.. So you will need to refresh for the latest update)


Here are some notes from the livestream:

    • 15 mins to go!
    • 5 mins to go!
    • Live on Facebook but Youtube seems to be not working!
    • Kicks off with Star Wars Battlefront 2,
    • After Star Wars Battlefront 2 information, we will see more on Spider-Man, before Kingdom Hearts 3
    • Youtube link is now working.
    • JackSepticEye and Strawburry17 join the stage.
    • Kingdom Hearts 3 will be last on stage.
    • Steve Blank from Lucasfilm story group and Janina Gavankar join the stage, with a new Star Wars theme song.
    • They reveal details on the Single player campaign, which takes place after the death of the Emperor and the destruction of the Death Star.
    • New behind the story video is shown off, giving more details on how the single player will play and shows off “Captain Lance” from the Flash as another actor involved in the game.
    • The new single player story does look very interesting and fixes a major issue from the last game.
    • John Boyega “Finn” from Star Wars The Force Awakens arrives on the stage.
    • Free Poster for Star Wars Battlefront 2 for guests at the event!
    • Mike Gosslin joins the stage to discuss Augmented Reality.
    • First look at HoloChess from Star Wars IV: A New Hope.
    • Just need to download the app and plug in the phone into the headset, as its Augmented Reality rather than VR.
    • Quick trailer for a lightsaber Augmented game., Jedi Challenges.
    • Marvel Games come on to discuss Spider-Man.
    • New trailer for Spider-Man is shown.
    • Two new scenes are shown, including Peter Parker’s room plus Spider-Man fighting the Kingpin.
    • Bill talkes about the other games on display at the event, including Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite and Marvel Heroes Omega.
    • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is up next.
    • Spider-Man: Homecoming costume/character is revealed with a trailer for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.
    • World Exclusive premiere for a new game!    Virtual Reality
    • Powers United VR exclusive to Oculas Rift.
    • Powers United VR will be playable at SDCC and another character will be revealed.
    • Kingdom Hearts 3 next.
    • E3 Trailer shown again.
    • Nomura is on the stage.
    • New Trailer
    • Toy Story!!!
    • Sora, Goofy & Donald look like action figures.
    • Titanfall type robot fighting?
    • Kingdom Hearts 3 coming in 2018!
    • It features a new Toy Story story
    • Posters for everyone in the room plus special medal tie in with Kingdom Hearts Union.
    • Toy Story characters join the stage to close the show.


What did you enjoy the most from this showcase?


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