Marvel Powers United VR Announced For The Oculus Rift

During the D23 Expo Level Up Video Games showcase, Marvel Games announced a brand new VR game called Powers Unite will be released in 2018 on the Ocutus Rift VR unit.   There will be over 12 playable characters include the Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, Captain Marvel and the game will focus on a story involving shooting the Kree.

This game is exclusive to the Ocutus Rift and will be playable at next weeks San Diego Comic Con event.

Check out the trailer below:

Steve Arnold, Head of Oculus Studios told Marvel the following about the game:

Marvel Powers United VR” tells the story of The Masters of Evil—a mysterious, nefarious alliance of powerful Super Villains from across the Marvel Universe—who have managed to steal the Cosmic Cube and use it to tear apart the universe, forging new realities subservient to their rule. Suddenly, heroes from across the Marvel Universe are hurled together in a chaotic, interdimensional conflict spanning past, present, and alternate futures to fight to reclaim the Cosmic Cube and restore order to the universe.

Each time you play, you won’t know which faction or boss you’ll encounter—every experience will play a little differently. One time you may get the Kree and Ronan The Accuser as a boss; another time you’ll get something totally different.


What do you think of this VR game?


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