Disney Comics IDW Solicitations October 2017

Hello Mouseketeers

This month, we have a treasure trove of various titles from a mysterious character emerging on the covers for Duck Tales #2, just who is this strange character ? I’m afraid I can’t tell you, you will have to pick up the comic for yourself in October as this issue resolves around chickens and Vikings.

Next up in Uncle Scrooge, all of the Disney witches from animation to comics have teamed up to take on Scrooge. In Walt Disney Comics and Stories, a childhood favourite of mine is finally coming to America where Donald during a TNT mission goes through a shortcut to get home to Daisy quicker but this will lead to disastrous results.

In the final single issue of the month, we have Finn helping a baby creature get off an Imperial ship in Star Wars Adventures #3. The rest of the month consists of the latest collections for Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge as well as the first trade paperback for the new Duck Tales comics.

These titles will be  available for purchase on Comixology , the official IDW website or at your local comic book store





Duck Tales #2 

(W) Joey Cavaleri (A) Antonello Dalena, Andrea Greppi, Roberta Zanotta, Gianfranco Florio (CA) Marco Ghiglione
Woo-oo! Two stories of adventure, involving chickens, sheep, and…Vikings?! Oh my! Donald, Scrooge, and the Nephews join Della Duck as they quest for unimaginable riches and treasures untold.
Bullet Points:
* Features two stories: “A Viking at my Door” and “Old Monteplumage Had a Chicken!”
* The animated series has already been renewed for a second season!
* You’ll quack-up as Donald, Scrooge, the Nephews and their friends solve mysteries, rewrite history, and more!
In Shops: Oct 11, 2017
SRP: $3.99 

Uncle Scrooge #31

(W) Jan Kruse, Jonathan Gray, Lars Jensen (A) Noel Van Horn, Sander Gulien (CA) Daan Jippes, Ulrich Schroeder
“Crisis at Sorcery Summit!” Can true witches win where a mortal sorceress failed? Magica De Spell wants Witch Hazel and Mad Madam Mim to help her steal Scrooge’s Number One Dime-but what’s in it for them?
Bullet points:
* Continues this beloved series’ legacy numbering at #435!
* Just in time for Halloween-it’s a special issue loaded with wicked witchcraft and plenty of Magica De Spell!
In Shops: Oct 25, 2017
SRP: $3.99

(W) Lars Jensen, David Gerstein (A) Flemming Andersen, Jack Bradbury (CA) Andrea Freccero
“Prisoners of Zartac 2!” Soaring through space with the Tamers of Nonhuman Threats, Donald is dying to get home for that big date with Daisy-but reprogramming his ship for a shortcut leads to a scary prison planet and a deadly old enemy!
Bullet points:
* New giant-size quarterly format filled with even more of the wild Disney adventures you love!
* Donald and Fethry have a new mission with the Tamers of Nonhuman Threats-courtesy of fan favorites Lars Jensen and Flemming Andersen!
* Don’t miss the return of Donald’s infamous interstellar enemy… shapeshifter Gilor Borax!
In Shops: Oct 11, 2017
SRP: $5.99

Star Wars Adventures #3 

(W) Landry Walker (A/CA) Eric Jones
When Finn finds an adorable baby creature hiding in an Imperial ship, it’s up to him to find a home for the mischief maker before Captain Phasma kicks them both into space!
Bullet points:
* Plus an exciting new TALES OF WILDSPACE!
* From the team of the beloved series, Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade!
In Shops: Oct 11, 2017
SRP: $3.99





Disney Duck Tales Volume 1 : Treasure Trove TP

(W) Joe Caramagna (A) Gianfranco Florio (CA) Marco Ghiglione
DuckTales (woo-oo!) returns! The fan-favorite cartoon gets a modern reboot on Disney XD and an all-new comic series! Return to Duckburg in a new generation of adventures featuring Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck, and his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie! The incorrigible billionaire is up to his wacky, quacky hijinks, with a cast of characters new and old ready to jump into the mix!
Bullet points:
* DuckTales from Disney Television Animation, which serves as a reboot of the original series of the same name, is scheduled to premiere on Disney XD in Fall 2017.
* Advance solicited for November release!
In Shops: Nov 22, 2017
SRP: $9.99


Uncle Scrooge : The Third Nile TP

(W) Giorgio Cavazzano, Jonathan Gray, Fran?ois Corteggiani, Knut Naerum, Tormod Lokling (A) Jonathan Gray, Fran?ois Corteggiani, Knut Naerum, Tormod Lokling (A/CA) Giorgio Cavazzano
Everyone’s favorite Disney ducks are off on another adventure, this time to search the tombs of Egypt and the icy mountains of Scandinavia! And what for? Treasure, of course! A quest into Egyptology for Scrooge, Donald, and Ludwig Von Drake gets hairier with the Beagle Boys hot on our heroes’ trail-and prehistoric caveducks ready to pounce! Then it’s off to Finland for a lost McDuck Clan fortune… but the quest won’t be easy when villainous Azure Blue and Sharky get involved! Collects issues #23-25.
Bullet points:
* Adventure stories in the tradition of the legendary Carl Barks.
In Shops: Nov 29, 2017
SRP: $12.99

Donald Duck : Kingdom Under the Sea TP

(W) Rodolfo Cimino, Giorgio Cavazzano, Jonathan Gray, Victor “Vicar” Arriagada Rios, Joe Torcivia (A) Rodolfo Cimino, Giorgio Cavazzano, Jonathan Gray, Victor “Vicar” Arriagada Rios, Joe Torcivia (CA) Ulrich Schroder, Daan Jippes
The adventures of Donald Duck continue in these kid-friendly-sized collections, which feature all-new-to-the-USA stories. Watch as the world’s most famous duck narrowly escapes dangers of his own making, time and time again. Skindiver Donald chases a fish dinner straight into Princess Reginella’s awesome subaquatic world-just in time for duck-smashing deep water danger! Then treasure-hunting Don seeks to succeed where Viking Leif the Legendary failed! But the “Helmet of the Gods,” once worn by Odin himself, may sit a bit uneasily on our mortal duck’s head. Collects IDW’s Donald Duck #19-21.
Bullet points:
* Includes world-renowned writers and artists, many of whose stories are being published in the U.S. for the first time.
In Shops: Nov 15, 2017
SRP: $12.99




  • Azure

    Is there a reason they seem to be slimming down the Disney titles at IDW? Hope they aren’t planning on canceling them.

    Anyways, I just found this blog and love it. I’m a huge fan of Disney comics from all over the world, and it’s great to see someone else who enjoys them talking about it. Keep up the great work!

  • Mathieu Leblanc

    It is merely printing costs, it has affected a lot of comic book companies. IDW is not ending their contract with Disney, they are merely doing bigger titles like Donald and Mickey at a less regular release pace to have something out until the time is right that they can do more titles at once again.

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