Dole Whips & Churros & … “I Am Bread”? Snacking Around the DLR

While gallivanting through the Disneyland Resort during the D23 Expo, Adam and I had the chance to do quite a bit of snacking in the two parks. While all of it was tasty, here are a few highlights of snacks, both limited time and old favorites, that stood out to us.

“I Am Bread”

Yes, there is a snack with that title. Sold in the Hollywood Land section of Disney California Adventure (DCA), currently the home of Marvel’s Summer of Heroes, this sourdough bread in the shape of Baby Groot’s head celebrates the opening of the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout attraction, which replaced the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction. “I Am Bread” comes in two varieties, one regular sourdough and one topped with jalapeno cheddar, both with black olives for eyes. When we arrived, we were surprised that there were still any left, as there are only so many made per day. The regular one was located at Fairfax Market, with the jalapeno cheddar one located at a food stand near Studio Catering Co.

The bread was tasty, but by the time I purchased mine (roughly 3pm), it was a little on the chewy side. I still ate all of it, however.


By far one of the most popular snacks at the Disneyland Resort, there seems to be a place to by churros around every corner of both parks. They are so popular that Disney rolls out with special designs and flavors even. While we were there, there were a few limited edition churros for sale, so of course we had to try them.

Cars 3 Limited Edition Churros- Cars Land

Available at the Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure, these three churros celebrate the stars of the recently released Cars 3 movie from Pixar: Lightning McQueen (red), Cruz Ramirez (yellow) and Jackson Storm (blue). While they are not specially flavored, they are instead covered in a bunch of sugar crystals and edible stars. Warning: they WILL turn your mouth those pretty colors that you see.

I ended up purchasing one of the special Cars Land Dinoco oil can drink cups as well… and I regret not getting the other ones while I was there.

Our thoughts? way too much sugar. We couldn’t finish them, so that resulted in a hunt to find a to-go container at Flo’s V-8 Cafe… which was a calamity all its’ own.


Fantasmic! Sour Watermelon Churro- New Orleans Square

The last day of the trip found us in Disneyland for its’ 62nd Birthday, and to celebrate the reopening of Fantasmic!, a new flavored churro was released at the stand in New Orleans Square. Replacing the lemon flavored one (which celebrated the Pirates of the Caribbean), this one was sour watermelon flavored… and it tasted like it too!

Adam’s girlfriend wanted us to “Lady and the Tramp” a churro for her on this trip… no idea why.


The Grey Stuff

Apparently, it’s delicious… according to the dishes. We have already had the infamous Grey Stuff down in Walt Disney World. However, the version at the Red Rose Tavern in Disneyland takes it to a whole other level. Nestled on top of a lemon shortbread cookie, a red velvet cupcake is topped with a raspberry ganache and then covered in Grey Stuff. The whole thing is then dusted in chocolate powder, red velvet crumbles, and edible pearls. The dishes do not lie… it is so delicious. I ended up having it twice throughout the weekend, the first time pictured here with some Slow-cooked Beef Poutine… which was also quite delicious.

Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar

I mean, it’s a fan favorite. I picked one up when we were waiting for Fantasmic! to start. Even though it was from a walk-around street vendor, it was handed to be stone cold, which is the best. Watching the mist rise from it as you unwrap it from its’ hiding place. Needless to say, it did not last long.

Dole Whips

Saving the best for last! This is, by far, my most favorite snack in all of the Disney Parks. I’ve been known to have up to three a day (for quality control purposes, of course!). This trip, I believe we swung by the stand right outside the Enchanted Tiki Room  at least four times. Highlights included also getting some special edition Moana tiki mugs on our first visit, and then sharing some with a couple of Kakamora on Disneyland’s 62nd Birthday.

Well, there you have it. Some snacking highlights from the Disneyland Resort. I am sure that I didn’t even scratch the surface of awesome snacks this trip (Lobster Nachos are apparently a thing I knew nothing about). Have any special snacks that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below.


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