Disney Parks Exclusive “it’s a small world” Dorbz Ride Incoming!

This morning I came into work to find my newest Disney Treasures subscription box, Tiny Town, waiting for me on my desk. While I will be doing an unboxing video later this week for our YouTube channel, I opened it up ahead of time to make sure pieces weren’t broken or missing… and because I was very excited when I saw the contents of the box back during D23 Expo.

Video Unboxing Coming Soon!

At this time, I also read the map that comes in each box, which gives background information on each piece curated for the collection, in case I can use those tidbits in the upcoming video. This month, however, I noticed something that both made me excited and nervous at the same time. The Disney Parks are getting an exclusive “it’s a small world” Dorbz Ride. Yep.

Here is what it says on the map:


So, with Mexico and Holland in the Tiny Town box Dorbz Ride, and Africa and Asia in the Disney Parks Dorbz Ride, that means that there will be four “it’s a small world” children represented as Dorbz.

Now, could that lead to addition “it’s a small world” Dorbz or Dorbz Rides in the future? Also, when will this Disney Parks exclusive be released, or in which of the parks? No additional information is available, but if you are in the Disney Parks, keep an eye out for this exclusive Dorbz Ride… and if you see it, let us know!


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