First Look: Special Food & Wine Festival Annual Passholder Buttons

This year at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, Walt Disney World Annual Passholders can get a special set of buttons by visiting a selection of the numerous food and drink kiosks that circle the World Showcase during the event, which runs August 31st (today) through November 13th. In addition, a special Remy button celebrating the festival is available for Annual Passholders at the Festival Center (located where the Wonders of Life Pavilion used to be).

Our reporter Kristen is there with her family today and sent us back pictures of the pins, as well as the kiosk locations where you can get them. Let’s check them out.


Are you an Annual Passholder? Will you be trying to collect these special buttons? Let us know your thoughts below.


Special thanks to Kristen for sending along the pictures.


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