PC Omega Patch Delayed For Marvel Heroes

It has been confirmed that the Omega update to the PC version of Marvel Heroes has been delayed and that the new playable Spider-Woman will be a PC exclusive for 6 months.

Here are the details:

As many of you know, we are currently working on a large update for PC that we’ve referred to as the “Omega patch”, which contains a large number of changes including Omega difficulty and Omega items. This content has been in the works for some time, and everyone here has been working incredibly hard to bring these features to Marvel Heroes Omega.

Unfortunately, today we have to announce that this patch is going to take longer to bring over to PC than we hoped. As we cautioned in our PC Content Timeline forum post in May, the schedule that we outlined had risk attached to it.

We know this news is going to be disappointing to many, as we know our PC players have been waiting for these features for some time. We want to be as up front as possible with our current estimations, however, so that folks know what the current plan looks like for how we are going forward. Currently, we are estimating this update will now reach the PC version by Thanksgiving this year.

The reality is simply that the conversion of the back end framework that we need to unify the content creation for all three platforms has been more difficult than we originally anticipated.

All of that said, we know that whatever the reason may be, the end result is that this Omega patch content is not going to reach our PC players at the same time as the console platforms, which is going to be a let down to many of our dedicated players here.

We do have a piece of good news: the Omega patch is officially confirmed to include Spider-Woman as a 6-month PC exclusive.

Everyone here is working as hard as possible to finish this Omega patch work, and are looking forward to being able to share it with you to bring Marvel Heroes Omega to the next level.


When this new update is released, a new Apocalypse terminal and playable Odinson will also be included.

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