Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hands On Thoughts

This week I was lucky enough to get some hands on time with Star Wars Battlefront 2 at EGX, playing the “Assault On Theed”. It was some hectic 40 person action involving Clone Troopers and Battle Droids from the Prequel trilogy, set on the wonderful planet of Naboo.

My first impressions were that EA have done it again, the game looks stunning, but that could have just been the PS4 Pro boosting performance. Which I’ll be honest, after playing this and Assassins Creed Egypt, I’m going to be upgrading my consoles to fully make use of 4K. The planet of Naboo simply looked so beautiful and the detail in the palace offered a different interior than we’ve seen before.

Some of the new improvements to the game include the use of classes, offering slightly different types of character that fit your style of play. I kept switching between the different types to try them out and I did seem to prefer playing as a specialist, staying back out of the action and sniping off those pesky Battle Droids.

The inclusion of new battle points to allow you to use them to try out special characters is a better way of awarding skill in the game and seems a much better system that icons just dropping into the game. I got to play as a Jump Trooper for a little bit and while I didn’t get to play in a ship, I saw the person next to me doing just that.

During the battle I got to see Darth Maul and Rey both in action, which just made me want to keep playing but sadly time at events is a little limited. Though seeing Rey taking on Battle Droids did seem a little odd since this was over 60 years before what we see in “The Force Awakens”, but that idea just goes out the window when your having so much fun.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 certainly feels like it has taken everything that was great about the original and just kept adding more polish to it.  I certainly was left wanting more.

With the upcoming Beta set to hit consoles in early October, everyone will get a chance to try the game out for themselves before the game is officially released in November. I simply can’t wait to experience more and this first play instantly resulted in me upgrading my preorder to the deluxe edition as I know this game is just going to keep improving on the original.

Are you looking forward to playing Star Wars Battlefront 2?



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