Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Review

Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite brings together some of the top characters from top Capcom gaming franchises like Street Fighter and puts them into battle against the heroes and villains from Marvel in one of the best fighting games released   This latest addition to the Marvel Vs Capcom series offers a unique story mode, which has seen the main villain from Mega Man, Stigma, merge with Ultron, forcing two universes to collide, resulting in Marvel’s heroes aligning with Capcom’s heroes, to collect the Infinity Stones and stop Ultron Stigma.

Having been a fan of Capcom fighting games since I was a kid playing Street Fighter 2 in the arcades, this game felt right at home, I had the basics already ingrained in me, I still knew how to do Ryu’s Fireball or Chun Li’s lightning kick, but even for newcomers, this game offers many layers of difficulty.  You could button mash your way to victory or study how to master every special move.

With many decades of amazing fighting games under their belt, Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite brings together everything from previous titles and updates them for this new generation.  The game has a unique art style that has been lifted straight out of the Marvel comic book style, with some very bright and colorful backgrounds, that just bring the screen to life.   Though the Capcom characters can sometimes look a little strange as their original style just clashes with Marvel, especially now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a major style for this game.  Iron Man and Hulk look like they’ve just jumped off the big screen, while some characters look odd, such as how it looks like Captain America’s shoulders have been swallowed his head, but that could just be me!

The one issue I do have with the roster is just how similar it is to MVC3, there isn’t many new characters and obviously the lack of Fantastic Four and X-Men characters is a issue that continues to bug Marvel video games.

Unlike the original Street Fighter series, where it was a straight up one on one fight, the Marvel Vs Capcom series has always been a team battle, I do feel that having a duo is much more interesting than the triple team that we saw in MVC3.  It seems to flow so much better, switching between characters during the fight is instant, and makes picking that right team is a major aspect of this game.

The story mode is very unique as its straight up bonkers, it makes little sense, the worlds of Marvel and Capcom merging just seems odd and as a massive Marvel fan, it just seems like the company has a big enough library of characters and locations, that it simply doesn’t need all the extra Capcom content.  There are so many Marvel characters missing from this game, meaning its not the perfect Marvel fighter.  I really hope that the next installment of the series just goes fully into the Marvel universe, rather than the mobile game, Contest of Champions, still remaining the core fighting game with a vast roster of heroes and villains.

The additional use of Infinity Stones also make this game feel a little different, as each stone can have a different effect, improving health, slowing down time or even putting an opponent in a box, all add more strategy elements to the core game.

One way Capcom have stretched out the story mode, is by offering a few too many battles with endless drone type characters, which on one hand make the experience longer but does seem a little tedious at times.  One good thing with the story mode is that they have players jumping around the different characters quite a bit, which does mean players get to experience a wide range of different characters but also means a player can’t rely on knowing all the special moves.

One of the cool things about the story mode is the cut scenes, they look great and try to bring the player into the idea of how these universes have mixed together.  There is a little bit of humour thrown in there as well for good measure.  However it is a little annoying how the cut scenes stop for a loading screen, then go back into the scene before rolling into a fight.

This game also features an Arcade mode, which is a much more traditional fighting game experience since its much shorter as it just sees you taking on a few different opponents in a row, defeating the boss and your done.  This is what we saw in previous versions of the game and I’m glad they included it, since it does offer a more simple single player experience that a player can repeat multiple times.

Online play is a major aspect of the game, jumping in and doing battles with players around the globe is what is going to give this game a long life.  The competitive professional player scene is going to be playing this game for a while and the inclusion of new characters like Black Panther and Venom, will keep players coming back for more.

The online multiplayer part of the game is no doubt very important to Capcom as it is a major aspect of the game, but the story and arcade modes really help boost the appeal of the main game for casual fans, especially for me.  We’ve already seen a major DC fighting game, Injustice 2, released this year and with other titles like Street Fighter V and Tekken out, there is lots of competition in this genre.  I think Capcom have made a great fighting game, its not perfect, but its fast and furious style appeals to me.  I could do without the Capcom side of things, I don’t have any interest in playing as Zero or Firebrand, but Capcom fans could easily say the same thing about characters like Ghost Rider or Captain Marvel.

Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite is a very enjoyable fighting game, its taken aspects from all the previous titles and just continued to build on them.  If you’ve liked previous games, you’ll like this one.   I really enjoyed playing the game and it’ll be something I fire up to have a quick match or two, especially when new characters come out, but at the same time, once I was done with the main story mode, I’ll probably be jumping over to another game.  I did the exact same thing with Injustice 2 earlier this year, so I’m glad the story mode was much more established this time around, as the previous game, MVC3, only had the short arcade mode as single player content, so Infinite is a massive improvement over that to me.


Did you pick up Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite?  What did you think of it?


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