Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora Bring Arts Figure Review

Kingdom Hearts 3 might not yet be out, (its due in 2018), Square Enix have released a new Bring Arts figure based on his design from the game.  Sora stands 6 inches tall and comes with a wide selection of accessories including a Keyblade plus interchangeable heads that give Sora two different facial expressions and also comes with a selection of hands to offer different poses.

I was blown away with the amount of detail on this figure, from head to toe, there are lots of great little touches and Square Enix have made sure that his clothes represent him properly, such as hoodie jacket and showing all the little details like his pockets and neckless.

This figure has a wide range of motion in the articulated joints, including ankle, knee, hip, wrist, elbow, shoulder, waist and neck.  Which really give this figure plenty of different ways of displaying him and I found the figure very easy to stand up.  The figure also comes with a nice stand, the base is in the shape of a heart and it comes with a nice bar which can be adjusted for different poses.

Another cool addition to this figure is the accessories, the Keyblade looks awesome and fits perfectly in correct hand, I’m not as sure about the two crossbow type weapons, it might make a little more sense once the game comes out and I also had a issue with trying to keep them secure in Sora’s hands, since they aren’t as snug as the Keyblade.

One slight issue I did have was one of the legs kept popping off at the hip joint while I was handling the figure but it wasn’t a major issue as it popped back on quickly and was fine when not being handled.

Here is an unboxing video of the Sora:

Overall, I was very impressed with this figure, the level of detail across the entire package comes through and offers lots of different poses, giving us Kingdom Hearts fans more options for display.   While this figure isn’t cheap, one it was in my hands and I could feel the level of detail, especially compared to cheaper alternatives.  For Kingdom Hearts fans, this figure is a very easy recommendation.

You can buy this figure from a variety of different retailers including Entertainment Earth for $69.99.


Check out the gallery below:


What do you think of this Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora Bring Arts figure?






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