Disneyland Paris Vacation Advice: Cold Weather

With autumn drawing in and the Halloween and Christmas season approaching now’s a good time

to think about what to take with you to deal with the weather and other ways you can keep warm. Especially if your used to the American parks the cold at Disneyland Paris can be quite

a challenge! Even though I’m used to the weather I got caught out quite badly this February. It was so cold that the fountains in plaza gardens had frozen over! These are some of the things it’s worth considering taking with you and some other hints. I know some of these are pretty obvious but it’s a useful checklist to deal with DLP’s weather especially if it’s your first time going.

Clothing to take with you

A large part about making sure Disneyland Paris is enjoyable in the colder months is the clothing you take with you. The following list of stuff is a great jumping off point:

  •  Good shoes with a solid grip. The pathways can get super icy and waiting in line and for parades without thick shoes isn’t going to be fun. I learned that first hand. Converse and trainers are fine up until November but after that you really need to be thinking about boots.
  •  Thick woolly socks to keep your feet warm.
  •  Thick coat to keep you warm and in case of snow. It’s unlikely to snow after January because it will be too cold but stranger things have happened.
  •  Gloves, Scarf, and hat to keep the heat in. Sure, Disney sell all of these in the park but they are super expensive. If your a texter or someone who likes to fiddle with their phone invest in a set of the touch screen sensitive gloves.
  •  Jumpers. It’s great to layer and you can’t go wrong with a cute themed jumper. Up through November a jumper on it’s own might do but after that your gonna need a coat.
  •  Thick trousers or Jeans.  If you want to wear a skirt or dress I’d think carefully about it in January/February and at least pare It with insulated leggings and a cute cardigan or jumper.
  • If your especially partial to the cold in January and February – where the temperature can reach minus 17 – take some thermal under layering with you.
  • Waterproof bag/backpack or a plastic bag to keep the contents inside dry. If you have any fancy tech especially.
  • Don’t bother with an umbrella, if your worried about getting wet a foldable rain jacket or poncho is a better bet. Trying to maneuver an umbrella through Disney would be a nightmare.

Ways to Cope with the Cold

If you’ve got the right gear it sorts a lot of the problems but there’s a few other things it’s worth keeping in mind:

  • Check the weather before you go! If it’s going to be super cold your’re better to know in advance.
  • Disneyland Paris is designed for the weather. The arcades down main street and the interconnected shops are your best friends in really cold/bad weather.
  •  In cold weather the face characters are rarely out and there’s a limited selection of costume characters, especially during EMH. If they are out they tend to be in the arcades or inside the Disney Hotel. If in doubt check in with town hall. Personally  you might be better off skipping EMH as it’s often the coldest part of the day. And, more often than not, the cold affects the rides In the morning. Let me tell you a ride on Dumbo at 8.15 at minus 15 is not as fun as it sounds.
  •  For the parade, if you can stretch to it, a window seat in Walt’s is the way to go. Warm, cosy, and a front line view for the parade. Difficult to do sometimes, but worth it.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean is lovely and warm and a great tonic to the cold. As is dining in Captain Jacks/Blue Lagoon.
  •  With Illuminations you just need to accept your gonna freeze. But it’ll be worth it.
  •  If it gets super cold it’s a great idea to sit in somewhere, grab a coffee, and let your feet and hands thaw out.
  •  Sequoya Lodge is fantastic to hang out in you need to get out of the cold for a few hours. The redwood bar has a working fire and it’s glorious and toasty. If your lucky enough to be Golden Forest Club there’s also the afternoon snack which is a great retreat from the cold.

Final Notes

A lot of these tips only apply to the height of the cold in December through February but they are worth keeping in mind. October through to mid December can often be quite mild but the temperature can be very changeable that time of year.


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