Inhumans Black Bolt Comes To Marvel Heroes Omega

Today sees the release of Black Bolt as a playable character in Marvel Heroes Omega on consoles, to tie in with the recent premiere of Marvel’s Inhumans on ABC. The king of Attilan may not have as much to say as the other 42 playable Marvel Heroes Omega characters but, thanks to his ability to channel and manipulate electrons and particles, a mere whisper from the King of the Inhumans can destroy an entire civilization. His actions don’t speak louder than his words—his words are his actions.

“He’s a great choice for beginners to Marvel Heroes Omega and veterans alike,” says Gazillion Senior Designer Ben Gilbert, who helped develop the character’s in-game abilities. “I personally prefer to focus on melee, using the Master Blow talent to swap out his Signature for a heavy-hitting melee one. At the same time, my fellow designer Brian Waggoner prefers his ranged build, blasting enemies to smithereens from afar, occasionally using the slightest whisper to annihilate entire groups.”

Check out the trailer for Black Bolt:

Anyone who’s ever said “words can never hurt me” has never met Black Bolt, and his Ultimate ability demonstrates this with tremendously destructive results. “His Ultimate is called ‘Royal Decree,’ and it’s quite a thing to behold,” says Gilbert. “Black Bolt unleashes the full potential of his voice in a reality-rending yell that instantly vaporizes non-boss enemies and decimates everything else. Black Bolt is a unique blend of a ranged energy blaster and a mobile scrapper—with spectacular visuals fit for a king!”

Fans enjoying Marvel’s Inhumans will be happy to know that a costume inspired by the new ABC television show is available. They can also play him as he appears in modern comics as well as a classic look.

Check out his costumes below:


My take:

With the Inhumans hitting screens this month, it makes total sense for Black Bolt to be released this week with a new look, it’s a shame there wasn’t an event to go with it and the Age of Apocalypse Event held back, but the console version does seem to be trying to stretch out what content it held back from the PC.  I’m looking forward to trying out Black Bolt as I prefer characters with a ranged attacked.

Are you going to add Black Bolt to your roster?


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