New Spooky Loot Box Added To Marvel Heroes Omega

With Halloween just weeks away, a new Spooky Loot Box has been added to Marvel Heroes Omega.  The loot boxes include new costumes fit for the spookiest season of the year:

  • Moon Knight – Earth X Costume
  • Black Cat – Pop Star Costume
  • Venom – Toxin Costume
  • Blade – Original Costume
  • Hulk – Revengers Costume
  • Punisher – Frankencastle Costume
  • Ghost Rider – Ghost Racers (Secret Wars) Costume
  • Psylocke – Lady Mandarin Costume
  • Deadpool – Deadpool the Kid ENHANCED Costume
  • Gambit – Gambit as Death ENHANCED Costume

These Spooky Loot Boxes will be available for a limited time through October for this Halloween season!

Are you going to try to get any of these costumes?


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One comment

  • Gambit as Death and Psylocke as Lady Mandarin are both pretty cool costumes, but neither would be incentive enough for me to grab this box. Glad to see they’re continuing to add content in, though.

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