NYCC ’17: Porgs (in a Blanket) Invade the Fantasy Food Truck

This past weekend at New York Comic Con, I was able to finally visit the Fantasy Food Truck and experience first hand some of the pop-culture inspired cuisine. It wasn’t until Sunday when I was able to score a timed ticket to return to the food truck, but earlier in the weekend I saw what the options for dishes were… and Porgs?

Yup! Those cute (or not so cute) bird creatures from the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi made an appearance at the food truck as Porgs in a Blanket. Along with that dish were three more: the Upside Down Waffle, inspired by Stranger Things, the Lucille Bat Pretzel , inspired by The Walking Dead, and Pickle Rick Soda, inspired by Rick and Morty. Each ticket handed out let you choose one item to try. My friend Adam came with me. I, obviously, had to try the Porg in a Blanket, while he went with the Pickle Rick Soda, as he is a big Rick and Morty fan.

First, we tried the Porg in a Blanket, which Adam compared to a s’more. The body of the Porg was simply a marshmallow wrapped in a mini tortilla on a small skewer. The head of the Porg was a decorated chocolate cake pop. I personally would have loved it to have been a savory hot dish with a “pig in a blanket” feel, but I understand their need to keep them safe for everyone and not needing to be reheated and assembled.

Now the Pickle Rick Soda… hmmm… well, I was not a fan. I saw people getting in line multiple times in order to get “sealed” bottles of these. Well, tough news for everyone… they were not made for a shelf life. With actual pickles in the drink and it obviously not being pasteurized or heat sealed, the contents in the bottle would go quick. As for the drink itself… it tasted like carbonated, watered-down pickle juice. After getting past that, I was excited to try a pickle after Adam finished the drink. However, the pickle I had carried with it a weird carbonation soft texture to it. Overall, I think we might have been better off with the pretzel bat, which I heard people say was delicious. Oh well. Adam was happy to get to keep the glass bottle, so there’s that.

Special thanks to the Fandom Fantasy Food Truck for sponsoring the truck throughout New York Comic Con. Both the Porg in the Blanket and the Pickle Rick Soda were the hits of the weekend, selling out each day (the soda sold out within the first hour on Sunday…. Adam got the last bottle and it wasn’t even noon). Pretty sure it wasn’t because it was a tasty drink…. but maybe it was just me.

Did you take part in the Fandom Fantasy Food Truck during New York Comic Con? If so, which dis or dishes did you try? Sound off below on your thoughts, and stayed tuned this weekend and next week for more highlights, rundowns, and reviews from NYCC!



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