NYCC ’17: foundmi Bluetooth Trackers

I will admit: I tend to misplace my car keys, house keys, or work keys on a weekly basis. It does get frustrating at times. However, while at New York Comic Con, I came across theĀ foundmi booth, which had on display cute little themed bluetooth trackers. The premise is that you use these trackers (which don’t really look like trackers) on items that you “love” (or in the case of my work keys… need), and then you can track them on the foundmi app to see where they are. Pretty simple, and easy. Best yet, both Marvel and Star Wars characters appear on the trackers. Check them out.

Star Wars

Additional Star Wars foundmi Trackers not seen at NYCC.



Want to pick up some of these bluetooth trackers from foundmi? Check out Entertainment Earth, where some of the Star Wars ones, and a few DC Comics ones, are currently available for pre-order, with release later this month.



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