Star Wars: Phasma Review

Captain Phasma has always been an interesting looking character since she was revealed in the trailers for “The Force Awakens”, however she was completely underused in the movie and this book fills in the massive gap, introducing the character in a very powerful way and showing how she joined the First Order.

The story takes place on Parnassos, showing how Phasma was a fierce warrior and led her clan with her brother, living on the side of a rock face and in some of the worse environments possible. When a First Order ship crashes on the planet, Phasma goes to battle with her neighbours, against her brothers wishes, in an effort to obtain a way off the planet for her and her clan.

This leads to an alliance between the First Order and Phasma, where she will take the survivors including Brendol Hux from their emergency escape pod, back to their ship, in exchange that they take them off the planet.

And from there the story follows the team as they cross across different landscapes, including a deadly desert with moisture sucking beetles and ending up in a mining station run by confused droids and having to work off a debt for medical care. From here, they team end up in another station, battling warriors in an arena to entertainment a hungry audience to eventually heading into space and seeing how Phasma becomes a Captain within the First Order and where she got her unique armour.

One of the interesting ways this story is told is via a third party, resistance pilot is captured by “The Cardinal”, the other half of the First Order Stormtrooper training program, who wears a bright red Stormtrooper outfit.  During the torture process, more is revealed about Phasma and the two characters also are developed along the way.

I found Phasma to be a really enjoyable read, it really helped show how strong a warrior she was and felt more like a disaster movie as they went from one bad situation to another on the planet. It didn’t feel like a traditional Star Wars book for the majority of the story, since it could have easily been a novel from a different universe. It did a great job in showing how much of a badass warrior Phasma is, how her ruthlessness grew and how she was capable of training great soldiers.

Phasma is a easy recommendation as it’s a enjoyable story that would make a very different Star Wars movie and completely changes my view of Captain Phasma.


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