Black Bolt – Marvel Heroes Omega Review

The latest playable character added to Marvel Heroes Omega is Black Bolt, the King of the Inhumans and to go along with his addition, there is a limited pack available via the PlayStation Store & Xbox Marketplace.

Black Bolt is a really fun character to play, he has some great ranged attacks that just look very cool on the screen, plus he has some great melee attacks, which when combined together make a all-round good character choice and a easy recommendation for people to try out.  I prefer characters that have ranged attacks so Black Bolt does fit my play style.

He offers both power and speed to players, he also has some huge energy blasts that can be powered up and I also like how he has some blasts that take out loads of opponents surrounding him.  I also like that he has the ability to fly, which makes the character much more easier to get around the large locations, especially when going through the story mode to level him up.

Along with Black Bolt, players get a bonus costume that is inspired by the recent Marvel’s Inhumans TV show, though since the show hasn’t yet aired in the UK, I’ve been keeping to the traditional comic book version costume as I’m not used to the new look.  Its a shame we didn’t get more content linked in with the launch of the TV show, but considering the reception to it, it does make sense why we didn’t get more Inhumans content at this time.

The pack also contains 2 Marvelous Loot Boxes, which include things like crafting materials, Boosts, and more useful items plus there are 2 XP Boosts which help level up faster with a healthy dose of pure experience boost.  These additional items offer more value to these packs and while I don’t buy Loot Boxes, these always feel like a nice bonus, especially if I get something good.

If you’d rather not spend money on this pack, he will be available to acquire with either Eternity Splinters or Gs from November 2nd, 2017.  So if you’ve been saving up for a new character, Black Bolt does make a cool addition, and if you aren’t sure, waiting until he is available to play up to level 10 to see if you like him once the pack exclusivity runs out isn’t a bad idea.


Black Bolt is a great addition to Marvel Heroes Omega and offers a nice wide selection of Melee and Ranged attacks, that makes him a useful and fun character to play.



Check out our podcast review below:

Did you add Black Bolt to your roster?


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