Thor: Ragnarok Soundtrack Review

With Thor: Ragnarok set to smash its way into cinemas in November, Disney have released the soundtrack and if your a fan of 80’s music or movies, you’ll going to love it since there are some awesome tracks that feel like they just got lifted straight out of a 1980’s sci-fi movie like Tron.

There are some big 80’s sounding classics on this album, complete with keyboards and guitar solos give it a unique sound from other Marvel movies, however having the use of a 100-piece orchestra does help bring it back in line with the MCU.

Some of my personal favourite tracks include Sakaar Chase and Planet Sakaar, which both really go in heavy on that retro feel, and there are many other great tracks like Ragnarok Suite and the main title track, which really impressed me.

As you’d expect, not every track blew me away, since this is a soundtrack, there are a few softer tracks which will no doubt help tell a story on the screen in the quieter moments, but can get lost in translation when just listening at home or on a walk.  With a few tracks feel like your traditional soundtrack, that aren’t remarkable.

I’m also going to throw out the “Grandmaster Jam Session” which I hated on first few plays, as I found it extremely annoying but it did grow on me after listening to the album a few more times.

There are also a few tracks like “Twilight of the Gods”, “Hela vs. Asgard,” and Mothersbaugh, that have a “superhero” sound to them and could have been on any Marvel movie soundtrack, but again feel totally at home on this album.

Tracks like “Arena Fight” do a great job of combining the retro sounds of the 80’s with the more standard Marvel movie soundtrack, which is actually what the scene from the movie does as Thor and Hulk do battle.

The album is available on digital formats first, before being released on physical formats in November.

OVERALL: It’s been a real pleasure listening to this soundtrack the past few days, the feel of the 80’s meeting the standard Marvel soundtrack works so well together, being an 80’s kid, I grew up on so many movies that had a soundtrack like this.

So I’m going into seeing Thor: Ragnarok with some big expectations since this album really helps set the tone and in some ways, follows what we heard in the recent Netflix show, Stranger Things, which took all the elements that work from the 80’s soundtrack and bring it together to deliver a heck of album and offering something unique to your modern blockbuster.





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