Top 11 Restaurants At Disneyland Paris Resort

Disneyland Paris is filled with restaurants and it can often be difficult to know where to start. This article will take you through my top eleven must visit places to eat in Disneyland Paris Resort and make some recommendations on signature dishes. If you love Disney, and food, this is absolutely the place to be.

Lower Budget

Just because they aren’t high end doesn’t mean that these restaurants aren’t some of the best on property. Usually, the thing about these particular restaurants is that they do a couple of things, and do them well. Which means that if you don’t like the kind of food they sell then it may not be the place for you. But if you do? You’re in luck.

  • Fuente Del Oro – Located in Frontierland under the shadow of Big Thunder Mountain. This tex-mex counter service restaurant offers something slightly different than the others. While not Disney themed the inside is well themed and the food is tasty. The Chicken Fajitas are a welcome break from Burgers and the churros are also pretty great. It’ll rush you about $14 for a set meal. Great if you want something a bit different.
  • Casey’s Corner – Right on the end of Main Street Casey’s corner specialises in Hot dogs and is a park favorite. It’s a counter service restaurant that’s baseball themed which fits in nicely with Main Street and the decor is fun if you can get seated. Great if you just want something quick. It used to be the best hotdog in the park but Au Chalet Le Mariannette has challenged that in the last few years. All in it’ll cost you about $8-12.
  • Colonel Hathis – Located over in Adventureland Colonel Hathis deals in Italian food. Not the most obvious thing for the area, but never mind. This is the site of the former Adventures Club restaurant at DLP and the inside of it is jungle themed and absolutely gorgeous. Especially when lit up at night. It does a pretty good pizza but they are huge so you could always consider sharing. If you like Italian food this place is better than Belle Notte in Fantasy Land which seems to take forever. It costs between $12-$15 for a set meal.

Medium Budget

The medium budget restaurants in Disneyland Paris usually cost about $30-$40 per person but can contain some of the parks best restaurants. The menu is usually a step up from the standard burger and chips fare and can be a touch more exotic.

  • Captain Jack’s/ Blue Lagoon – Built into the side of Pirates of the Caribbean ride this is, for my money, the best restaurant on site. Specializing in seafood and Caribbean fare there’s plenty here for those that don’t like seafood. The Vegetable Curry, in particular, is fantastic. But the big selling point is the atmosphere – nothing beats the fact it’s built into the ride and you can sit and watch the boats go past and everything is so calm. It’ll cost you about $40 but it’s so worth it. If you go to one of the sit down restaurants make it this one.
  • Plaza Gardens – An all you can eat buffet that’s in the center of Fantasia Gardens. Great if you’re a picky eater or have one with you. The inside is also quite spectacular and it’s character dining if you go at breakfast. Time consuming, but often worth it. The selection changes fairly often so you can never really guarantee anything but there’s bound to be something for all tastes. It’s $35 for an adult, $18 for a child.
  • Bistrot Chez Remy – Built in the french inspired area of the studios Chez Remy mimics the ride it’s next to and shrinks you down so you can experience Remys world. It’s beautifully themed and filled with some wonderful details drawn from the film. The food is perhaps a little on the fussy side for some being heavily french inspired but it’s absolutely the best restaurant in the studios. The basic menu will cost you about $39 for an adult rising to $60 for the more expensive.

Top Tier/Character Dining

  • Auberge de Cendrillon – In the heart of Fantasy land this is DLP’s princess dining restaurant. It’s gorgeous inside and the opportunity to meet three princesses, if your a fan, is tough to pass up. However, the food can be very variable and the wait time – sometimes in excess of two hours for all princesses – is something to consider. I had a poor experience here myself a few years back but people rave about it. Plus, Princesses. The food choice is fairly limited for your $75 but lets face it – your there for the characters and ambiance not the food.
  • Walts: An American restaurant  – Walt’s, on Main street, unlike Auberge, is their for the food. A very sophisticated menu drawing from both french and American cooking. The Gnocchi with grilled porcini mushroom sauce and baby vegetables is a highlight. The inside is perhaps one of the most beautifully, and subtly themed. Each room is dedicated to a land and the restaurant itself is a celebration of Disney. It’s also perfect for watching a parade if you can get a window seat. Great for a special occasion or romantic meal – not really for a family dinner.  Can rush you anything from $40 to $60.

Disney Village

  • Buffalo Bills Wild West Show – A slice of the old west in Disney village! An interactive show based around skills from the wild west with the inclusion of live Buffalo, Horses, and a visit from Mickey and Friends. The show is pretty basic but is actually a lot of fun if you get into the spirit of it. The food is simple but mostly okay – focusing on chili and a rather strangely sweet corn bread. It’s a great way to spend an evening but bare in mind that if you have asthma or allergies the show might not be for you. The tickets vary from $50 to $62.
  • Vapiano – This restaurant in Disney village focuses on freshly cooked food to order as you want it. It’s a nice idea, and the food is focused on good, simple, ingredients. But it can take some time – and if your ordering something different from your friends then it’s going to be given to you at a different time. But trust me – the Risotto is worth waiting for. The restaurant is relaxed and well decorated and a nice place to just relax. Their card ordering system is also quite ingenious. I’ve only been once but I really enjoyed the experience. It’s quite cheap and prices can vary widely.
  • Annette’s Dinner – Okay, this takes the restaurants up to eleven but I can’t do this list and not include Annette’s. Annette’s is a an American Dinner specializing in burgers, milkshakes, and chips. But, more than anything, I’d recommend the breakfasts! The inside is well themed as a dinner and the music is a blast from the past. Service is quick, if not always cheerful. It’s a great place to head after illuminations.  It’s really a place that has become part of my holidays and synonymous with the park as a whole. A burger and chips will cost you nearly $20.


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