Marvel Guardians Of The Galaxy: The Telltale Game | Episode 5 Review

The fifth and final episode of Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy game is now available and brings together the team to do battle with the evil Hala the Accuser, who is hunting down Star-Lord after he caused her to be fused with the Eternity Force.

Episode five brings together all the plots from the previous episodes and wraps them up in a nice little bow, as Star-Lord must track down Gamora, Drax and Rocket Raccoon before Hala finds him. Which of course he does, bringing together the Guardians of the Galaxy for one final battle, which felt much quicker than previous battles, but I do usually expect final boss battles to offer a little more challenging gameplay than in this title, which was a little disappointing.  And that is the biggest issue with this episode, the ending just didn’t deliver.

Episode five ended exactly how I thought it, which wasn’t a surprise as it was obvious the group would get back together and defeat Hala, before giving us a little teaser for possibly second series. Though I hope whenever the Telltale team return to this franchise, the system is given a major overhaul as there were some little glitches here and there, and the gameplay is given a little more room to engage with the player, there is just too long between action scenes that require the player to pay attention.

This episode has a much lighter feel to it, especially once the moody squabbling group eases back together, especially after a quick flashback scene to their first meeting via Mantis and Groot, which also had a few laughs in it. Humour in games is always a tricky thing and the Guardians of the Galaxy have a reputation to deliver more comedy, which I’m glad was given a little more attention in this episode.

There are some moments which feel like pure filler, such as the “mind” bridge section, where Mantis and Star-Lord have to move some big rocks by finding old memories of the team, that came across as unnecessary and a little cheap.  Throughout the series, anytime you had to control a character to walk around, it always felt slow and sluggish, the exact opposite of a Marvel Hero.

This was the very first Telltale series I ever played and I enjoyed looking forward to each new episode, but also left feeling a little underwhelmed, as they could never capture the spirit of the blockbuster movies nor deliver the usual fast paced action that a video game usually provides.

And that is one of the biggest issues with this series, it just didn’t feel like it offered enough action, this type of gameplay might work better for other types of character, but for Marvel it just felt so slow when compared to every other Marvel game out there. Telltale did a good job in making some characters more interesting and trying to offer more backstory, but I found some characters like Drax seem so one dimensional, but again I’m used to how the character is portrayed by Batista in the movie.

The latter half of the game did pick up the pace and felt more like the Guardians of the Galaxy I knew before I started this series back in the spring and I’m really glad I tried out this style of game, since I had always been intrigued with the Telltale series, and if you’ve already played previous episodes, it’s worth finishing off the story.

Overall: Guardians of the Galaxy Episode five does a good job in tying everything up but at the same time, doesn’t deliver that big ending that I was expecting and this left me disappointed.  There are still many fun moments and a few laughs, but ultimately it left me wanting a proper Guardians Of The Galaxy game since I feel a Telltale game just gives us some excellent cut scenes from a decent single player experience but without the actual playable game.

Review Score – 5 – Average 


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