Olaf’s Frozen Adventures Soundtrack Review

With the new Olaf’s Frozen Adventure short hitting cinemas with Pixar’s latest animated movie, Coco, Disney have released the soundtrack to a 22 minute short, which features songs like “That

There are four main original songs on this album, with “That Time Of The Year”, which has Olaf (Josh Gad) going house to house asking them for their holiday traditions, it adds the humour to the mix that only Olaf can provide. I found myself chuckling a number of times, which will no doubt make much more sense when the visual humour is added in the movie. I loved how this song tells a story about how there are so many different traditions at this time of the year, which is one of the great things about the holidays, especially as families develop their own styles and it does the whole thing without mentioning Christmas.

“Ring In The Season”, is the main big group song, featuring Anna and Elsa getting ready for the big Christmas party. This is no doubt the big finale to the short and brings everyone together for Christmas, its lovely.

“When We Are Together”, is another big track from Elsa and Anna, singing about their sisterly love for each other and how being together for Christmas is all they really want. It’s a charming song, but it wasn’t a massive stand out track for me, though watching the short might change my mind with the visual element.

“Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Score Suite”, is your traditional score orchestra track that delivers that big movie time feel, that really set Disney above all other animated content. It’s classic soundtrack material that when your watching a movie, adds more texture to a scene, often without the viewer ever knowing.

My personal favourite track off the album is “The Ballad of Flemmingrad”, the main track for the short isn’t very long, but its the traditional version that I love the most (which doesn’t look like its in the actual short). This song has a unique folk sound that tells a adorable classic story from the Trolls history, that just makes me smile and sing along every time I heard it. It might get overlooked since it doesn’t feature Anna, Elsa or Olaf, but for me, this is the best song from the album.

With the soundtrack being based on a short, there isn’t a huge amount of variety in this album, with a 4 original songs, instrumental versions of those tracks and a couple of variant versions, there will probably be only a few tracks going into a playlist for continued listening, as I often started hitting the skip button on the instrumental versions on repeated plays while walking to and from work this past week.

Overall: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure offers a few great Disney songs, that kids are going to adore, if your going to download a few tracks, its worth just paying our for the full album to get the additional songs, especially the traditional version of “The Ballad of Flemmingrad”, which I feel will be overlooked. This short was never going to surpass the original soundtrack, it adds more Frozen magic to Christmas and I think its certainly a way to make sure we don’t “Let It Go!”.

Review Score: 8

Here are a few tracks:


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