Star Wars #38 Review

Issue 38 kicks off a brand new story, The Ashes Of Jedha, which sees Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo head to the planet of Jedha, which was partially destroyed by the Death Star in the movie, Rogue One.

The trio help rescue some Partisans from the Empire as they want to discuss building an alliance with the group that had previously been led by Saw Gerrera.

With this book being the start of a new arc, there are some ground work laid regarding the main villains for the story, with them going to Jedha to gain resources to build another Death Star.   This Comic has a darker tone that suits the aftermath of the events of Rogue One and its going to be interesting to see how they can link up some of the events of the movies.

The book features some great artwork, with a realistic style that instantly make characters like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo stand out as they look similar to their movie counterparts.

Overall: With a brand new story kicking off and seeing how Luke, Leia and Han deal with the aftermath of the events of Rogue One is going to be interesting.  While Rogue One helped set up the events of A New Hope, it’s nice to see some new stories from these original characters.

Review Score – 7 Good



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