My Thoughts On The Upcoming Disneyland Paris Summer Of Super Heroes

The plans to get things going in Walt Disney studios is kicking off. There are plans for a new summer event possibly inspired by the success of Season Of The Force. Summer of Superheros will focus on the world of Marvel. The studios is going to come alive with various characters and events from the Marvel world.

As a silly opening thought: how great is it that Disneyland Paris is now being covered by the Disney Parks blog? Previously we never got a look in. It really goes to show how seriously the Walt Disney Company are taking Paris now. Which is, frankly, amazing.

The Disney blog had this to say on the Summer of Superheroes:


“Today at Comic Con in London, Vice President Franchise Creative and Marketing for Marvel Studios, Dave Bushore and Creative Director of Disneyland Paris, Mark Huffman announced that the Marvel Super Heroes are coming to Disneyland Paris in the summer 2018 from June 10 to September 30.

Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Star-Lord and Black Widow will appear for the first time exclusively at Disneyland Paris in summer 2018 in a special Marvel Summer of Super Heroes season. Your favorite heroes will be featured in the Walt Disney Studios Park for exciting meet & greets and breathtaking, epic shows.

But that’s not all for Marvel fans at Disneyland Paris. Disneyland Paris is also re-imagining from October 2018 one of its Resort Hotels into a universe that would make Tony Stark proud. Disney’s Hotel New York The Art of Marvel will transport guests to the action-packed, inspiring world of Super Heroes including Iron Man, The Avengers, and Spider Man among others, and will open within 2020.

Don’t miss Marvel Summer of Super Heroes and join some of your favorite characters at Walt Disney Studios Park. It will be THE big event of 2018 and will close out what has already been an unbelievable celebration of Disneyland Paris’ 25th Anniversary.”


Obviously, this is only a small announcement but there’s a lot there to unpack. There’s a great set of character meets. Which is going to make a lot of people very happy. I don’t think this many marvel characters in one spot has been done before which is amazing for Disneyland Paris.

What’s also nice that they’re specifying it’s Meet and Greets. It saves any confusion around character appearances and it’ll really draw people in. I’m super curious what these ‘breath taking shows’ are. I wonder if this means it’s curtain call for Motors Action which, to be honest, would make a lot of sense. It is a very tiered attraction now.  And something, I think, has been on the grapevine for a while. It would also fit in with the general marvel theming that Disneyland Paris is pitching for with the studios park. Sadly though, this might be the final death knell for Tower of Terror.

It’s so good to see Disneyland Paris using the studios that I find it difficult to be critical. Anything, after all, is better than nothing. And they do seem keen to have the studios the focus for Star Wars and Marvel which suits me.

It also appeals to a vary different market from the standard Disney properties which will hopefully draw some people in. Hopefully this proves to be a great success. And I’m sure it will be if done well. After all It’s such a fantastic compliment to the seasons that run in the castle park and it’s about time the studios had something to call it’s own.


What do you think of the Summer of Super Heroes coming to Disneyland Paris?


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