Thor: Ragnarok Toys “R” Us Minimates Review (Diamond Select)

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For today’s review, I wanted to take a look at the new line of Thor: Ragnarok Minimates from our friends at Diamond Select Toys. This review focuses on the Toys “R” Us assortment of Minimates from this movie, consisting of three 2pks. Additionally, there is a Walgreen’s assortment of four 2pks, and comic book/specialty shop 4pk. First, check out the review video, and then join me below for more pics of the assortment.



The Toys “R” Us assortment of Thor: Ragnarok Minimates consists of three 2pks: Gladiator Thor and Hela, Gladiator Hulk and Valkyrie, and Sakaar Loki and Heimdall. The Sakaar Loki and Heimdall 2pk is exclusive to this assortment.



Gladiator Thor comes with an alternate hairpiece and two swords.

Hela comes with an alternate head and hairpiece. I personally like to call that look “Casual Hela”.

Gladiator Hulk comes with an alternative hairpiece, a mace, and an axe.

Valkyrie comes with her sword and two daggers.

Sakaar Loki comes with… well, just himself.

Finally, Heimdall comes with the sword that controls the Bifrost.

Overall, I really like this Minimates assortment. Great character choices (ie. no fillers that make little to no sense). All but one have accessories. Another strong set from Diamond Select.

Special thanks to Diamond Select for sending these over to review.


What do you think of these Minimates? Did you like Thor:Ragnarok? Let us know in the comments below.



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