Disney Descendants: Rotten To The Core Vol 2 Review

The second volume of Disney Manga’s Descendants: Rotten To The Core, continues the story of the children of Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Jafar and Cruella De Vil.  Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos are adjusting to being a life in a prep school and are stilling planning on carrying out their villain parents evil plot to rule once again.

This series of books is a retelling of the original Disney Channel movie, but in a Japanese Manga style. I’m a big fan of the Japanese Manga artwork, its bright and colourful, with a cute style that I’m sure fans of the movie will love.  Also unlike other books from TokyoPop, this book reads like a traditional Western comic book, so it’s much easier for younger fans to read.

With this being the middle part of the trilogy, this book doesn’t really give a ending, since it’s just getting more of the core story told.  This book shows how each of the main characters are starting to like their new school and the benefits of being free, but still having that evil side.

One of the issues with this book is that it feels like some of the details from the movie are missed out, making it a little harder to follow.  If you haven’t read the first volume and haven’t seen the movie, I’d recommend reading volume 1 first.

Overall: Its an enjoyable read and Descendants fans should enjoy the different style. It is a good option for younger comic book fans since they will be familiar with the story but for older fans they might want a unique story.

Review Score : 6


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