Mickey Mini Hikari 2pk (Funko NYCC Exclusive)

For today’s review, I take a look at the Mickey Mouse Mini Hikari 2pk (Red & Yellow), a New York Comic Con Funko exclusive also shared with Box Lunch stores nationwide. Let’s check them out.



Each of these 4″ tall Hikari are very light weight, and made of molded sparkly plastic. There is quite a bit of detail in the mold, especially for their small stature.

Each figure features one point of articulation, that being a swivel head.


Overall, while I learned early on in the collecting of the Hikari vinyls was that I neither had time nor finances to do so, these Mini Hikari are more economical and take up a lot less room. That being said, I am happy to add these to my Disney collection, and will probably be picking up more Mini Mickeys if or when they are released.


Want to collect these Mickey Mouse Mini Hikari? The NYCC exclusive 2pk, LE 3500, has been seen still on the Box Lunch website from time to time, and there is also a Red and Black set, LE 5000, coming out this month at certain retail locations nationwide. So, keep your eyes peeled for them on store shelves.


What do you think of the Mickey Mouse Mini Hikari? Will you be collecting them? Let us know your thoughts below.



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