Tangled The Series : Music From The Television Series Review

Along with the premiere of Sunday’s special “Queen for a Day”, Walt Disney Records has also quietly released a soundtrack for the television series with all of the songs made since Tangled:Before Ever After.

While the track number might be off-putting for some, the songs included are worth the admission price. Two of them being from Queen For A Day and the others being from episodes in the television series including Listen Up sung by Broadway actress Danielle Brooks.

The first song on the track is “I’ve Got This” sung by Mandy Moore (Rapunzel) along with Eden Espinosa (Cass), this song is mainly about Rapunzel trying to run the kingdom to disastrous results, there is a lot of talking in this song but the singing itself from the two leads and the townspeople is wonderous to listen to.

Next up is “Let Me Make You Proud” sung by Jeremy Jordan (Varian), the breakout song from Queen For A Day that shares a lot of similarities with “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen, this one is more about being trusted and showing what the character  can do rather than letting built up tension out. The strong vocals from Jordan is my favourite part considering he was in the Broadway version of Disney’s 1993 film Newsies previously.

“Listen Up” is from the episode The Wrath of Ruthless Ruth, it is the song secretly composed by the longtime owner of the Snuggly Duckling Ruthless Ruth, she died while writing the song and haunts the bar until someone has the courage to finish what she started and finish her song. Rapunzel and the thugs join Danielle Roberts to bring a very Disney tone to the soundtrack  with this song with strong allusions to Be Our Guest from Beauty and The Beast at times.

The final song in the soundtrack is “Friendship Song” sung by Brennley Brown, this song was briefly featured in the episode Pascal’s Story, the full version of the song is featured on this soundtrack. This song has a tone smiliar to songs you would hear on a Disney Junior show like Sofia the First, the song is easily the weakest part of the soundtrack but is a good song for young viewers to teach them about friendship. The song sums up Rascal and Pascal’s friendship perfectly.


OVERALL : Tangled The Series : Music From The Television Series is a good collections of songs from the television show. From Broadway numbers to a very Disney tone, this album has a little something for everyone. For a small price, I highly recommend this album to anyone who watches the television show or loves the Tangled film and Disney princesses.


RATING : 8.5 out of 10 


The album can be purchased on ITunes and Spotify from our friends at Walt Disney Records.


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