Pop! Review: Disney Parks’ Jolly Roger

For today’s review, let’s take a look at the Disney Parks’ exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyl, Jolly Roger. A character from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in both Disneyland and, more recently, Walt Disney World, this Pop! vinyl was released earlier this year in the theme parks. Additionally, a special LE 1000 Glow-in-the-Dark version of this Pop! was released at San Diego Comic Con this past summer.

For this review, I included a brief look at the GITD exclusive, but he shall remain in box beyond a side by side comparison to the regular release. You can clearly see how the GITD version is more translucent than the regular version.

For the regular version, it’s fun to see that Jolly Roger has a body, as in both versions of the ride here in the US, he is just a talking skull and crossbones on a cave wall. In this version, he is here in pirate jacket (skeleton chest exposed), pants, and shoes. He is also brandishing a pirate longsword.

A great addition to any Disney or Pirates of the Caribbean collection, I am happy that these two pieces are new additions to my personal collection. I am a big fan of the attraction, as some of you know, and the Disney Parks in general. To have a Pop! Vinyl representing this ride, and not relying on characters from the film franchise, it pretty awesome.


Were you able to pick up one of versions of Jolly Roger? Are you a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride? Sound off below.


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