Star Wars Rogue One : The Graphic Novel Review

Fresh on the heels of the previous releases of Disney Italia’s versions of the Star Wars film trilogies and Force Awakens published in the United States by Disney Publishing, IDW brings us the adaptation by Alessandro Ferrari and Matteo Piana of the 2016 hit film Star Wars Rogue One. Will it be a solid adaptation or a shot fired by a Stormtrooper in terms of quality, let’s find out together.

The story begins as the Empire nears the completion of its newest weapon The Death Star but one of the creators of the deadly weapon has hidden a secret of his own, his daughter Jyn Erso. Jyn escapes being captured by the Empire at a young age and is taken in by Saw Gerrera and joins the Rebellion. Meanwhile Orson Krennic tries to prove himself to the Emperor and the mysterious apprentice Darth Vader by boasting about the power of his almighty weapon.

Years later, Jyn sets out on a quest to take down her father’s creation once and for all with the help of Rebel Cassian Andor and his robotic sidekick K-2SO along with many other beloved and quirky members such as cargo pilot Bodhi Rook and blind warrior Chirrut Imwe. Their battle takes them to the tropical beaches of Scarif  where anything can happen from victory or defeat at the hands of the Empire.



As usual with these Star Wars graphic novels, the art style goes for a more Disney touch with big eyed characters similar to the Renaissance Disney films such as  Little Mermaid and Aladdin. Master Disney artist Matteo Piana is to thank for this touch in the art, his past work from Duck Avenger to Monster Allergy helps him bring a more comedic touch to the beloved Star Wars characters.

The film has been well adapted within 75 pages without sacrificing much of its scenes, there are a few omissions but they tend to cut out the less important content and focus on the scenes that fit the medium more. This will make a fine addition to the collection of Star Wars graphic novels available from Disney Publishing including The Prequel Trilogy, The Original Trilogy and The Force Awakens all available in hardcover format.



You can buy yourself a copy of Star Wars Rogue One : The Graphic Novel at your local comic book store or big chain book store. A digital version is also available on Comixology at the following link for $11.99



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