Uncle Scrooge #32 Review

What would happen if the Beagle Boys obtained superpowers akin to Hulk, Flash or Luke Cage ? Well you will find out today in the sole story featured in IDW’s Uncle Scrooge #32


WRITER  Byron Erickson ARTIST Massimo Fecchi   

ORIGINALLY APPEARED IN : Kalle Ankas Pocket #434 ( 2014)


The Beagle Boys return to their trailer after yet another defeat at the hands of Scrooge’s security system around his bin until they notice a fourth Beagle Boy inside of their trailer. This new Beagle Boy has a proposition for them by using a mysterious old wand he found. But soon after, the Beagle reveals himself to be secretly Magica DeSpell much to the frustration of the Beagles. They decide not to take up her offer but Magica quickly shows them that her wand can give them powers equal to ancient Greek heroes like Hercules, Achilles and Hermes.

The Beagles soon use their newfound powers to break through every single trap at Scrooge’s disposal to collect the Number One Dime, but their powers come at a catch, they leave whoever possesses them with a never ending hunger due to the amount of energy that the powers burn when used. Scrooge must now find the original owner of the wand so that he can reverse the spell before the Beagles cost him a fortune in food and expensive Gyro made pills that reduce their hunger temporarily.



This tale was very creative , basically what would happen if Scrooge’s worst enemies had powers that even he could not stop with his traps. It led the trio to their closest grasp to victory in years but at the end, the curse of the wand stopped them in their tracks. The writing is top notch from Erickson showing how his Beagles would backstab someone at any length to preserve themselves and how his Magica could be very manipulative to make the Beagle Boys work with her again despite their numerous other attempts in the past failing.

The art from Fecchi is very expressive showing every character with a wide range of emotions and reactions depending on the situation and how the landscapes were well drawn when shown in big panels such as shots of the wizard’s castle. Overall Uncle Scrooge #32 is a good read for young readers and for those watching the current Duck Tales series wanting to know more about the characters in the show.


OVERALL RATING 7 out of 10


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