D-Street To Close In January

Disney have announced that D-Street will be closing on January 2nd and it will be reopening in early 2018 as a reimagined retail space that offers Disney fans a variety of Disney-themed home goods.

Since the slow down of the Vinylmation collectible, the store was filled with different merchandise such as stylish clothing, jewelry and merchandise from trend-setting designers.

D-Street was rebranded into a Star Wars store in Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs, with Vinylmation being moved over to the Pin Traders store.  However now there are so few Vinylmation releases, these items will be available throughout the resort and online.

As the home of the Vinylmation collectible, D-Street has been a major part of collectors lives and since reporting on Vinylmation since we were VinylmationKingdom.com. I have hundreds of items in my personal collection from this store, so its certainly sad to see this store closing.

What do you think of D-Street closing?



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  • Joseph Moore

    it is very sad to see this store go. my wife and our 5 yr old made this store our home for a long time always there for vinyl releases. I think that them dropping vinylmations are so sad they were a staple in Disney memrobilia and such a beautiful concept. funkos are just over to top cartoon vinyl of cartoons vinylmations we’re way more than that they were a piece of art. some beautiful some not so much but they worked. as soon as they started pumping out the Disney store quick sellers like the high school ones or wrestlers it was just a swift slit of the lightsaber that brought the vinylmation craze to it’s knees. I hope they come back with a vengence but knowing Disney they will capitalize until it is beaten and dead I the ground and instead of giving it a helping hand back to the top the step on over keep walking and never look back.

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