Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War Launches Major Winter Update

Joycity has announced an exciting winter update coming this month to Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War.

The December update introduces a new battle system ‘Cutthroat Cove’ which allows Captains with the highest power levels to battle each other on a special Cutthroat Cove server. The corresponding territory, fleet, pirates, and resources will copy over to the Cutthroat Cove server, but any losses will not be reflected on the regular server.

The ‘Raid Boss’ system is another new addition to the winter update. It allows pirates within the same server to play together to take down a raid boss. Every participating player will get a fair share of the loot depending on their contribution. The player who deals the final blow receives a special reward.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War is a mobile strategy simulation game based on the popular “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise from Disney. The game has seen a massive fan following from North America, Europe, and Asia since the release in May 2017.

Download on Google Play: https://goo.gl/6qSXrR
Download on the App Store: https://goo.gl/OZ01ba


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  • Claudia


    Joycity, we have come to a point of having to boycott to receive the attention and respect we deserve.
    The game has spiraled down into a black hole just like many other wargames.
    In your case in rapid speed.
    In the beginning of the game, Tides of War seemed like a refreshing wargame with a good balance between F2P and P2P. Also the fact that anyone, no matter how much they spend, can get hurt.
    The game was not to complicated, and fun for all.
    Now update after update the GREED of Joycity is showing.
    Is it because your game has never reached the popularity you wanted? This is obviously due to your terrible marketing skills. Joycity seemed to have rushed their updates at a record speed with each update containing more and more horrors.
    Absolute useless updates (limejuice?!) and each update throwing out more P2P stuff and nerfing boosts and pushing aside F2P as much as possible.
    You adjusted the MARKET where people get LESS useful stuff. The market was the one place where F2P could get stuff they need like ports and speed ups. As well for low spenders who depent on the market for speed ups. Who in your department thought it was the right idea to take that away from your customers.
    The market is now based completely on P2P with offers like tears and bloodcoins for gold.
    You adjust the EITC almost every update it seems. Less pirates to capture, making them stronger. EITC are also an important factor for the F2P players to sustain in a game with a lot of spenders.
    It is not just F2P you are pushing aside, also the P2P. As paying customers they are your main source of income to keep the game alive.
    Both F2P and P2P are dropping from the game at a rapid speed now. Do you not question yourself why? Or is it that you already know your game is failing so you want to drag out as much money as possible in the downfall.
    There is only a minor group that can afford to max out or keep up with the updates.
    You drop research tree after research tree, extending bloodcoin research as a massive speed as well. Most spenders who are already in for 30k can not even keep up at that rate. So they are dropping out. Wich is the majority of your clients.
    Then there is the OBVIOUS korean advantage.
    You have a large amount of employees playing your game, who have maxed accounts for free. This is a part of these games, employees and developers want to play as well. But you are giving them unfair advantages. You place them “strategically” in servers.
    For example Syn VS GxB (GDR). GxB houses multiple employees. It is no coincidence that those servers merged. The employee advantages are easy to spot. Big ports open only during their timezone, them having new items not released yet (bit dumb to use mammoths in Tortuga when they got released hours after and nobody even knew about them yet). I know this is not just in server 26 but all over the game where Koreans get much cheaper packs and employees running free to take over every server they possibly can.
    Now let’s talk about the horrible customer service. “service” should not be a word in your game, because it is non existent.
    I think we all get the same copy pasted responses on each problem we encounter.
    Your game is full of glitches and problems. And abused glitches (employees abusing loopholes or flat out messing with a code?).
    Many people lose pirates and resources because your game is making them lose it.
    Sure, some people mess up themselves, but come on. The shield drop “glitch” has been around for a while, proven many times, and Joycity denies it is happening.
    Me as an experienced wargame player knows about the shield hacks, as they are in basically every game. usually abused by either hackers who find a loop or employees.
    It is not a coincidence that shields drop early just as a Korean pops up next to it to raid it. Yeah, it is 99% of the time a korean doing it.
    The game itself crashes continuesly and kicks or glitches people out during vulnurable moments.
    I can go on and on about reasons why a boycott is neccessary, but the main reason is obvious. You have did a 180 on your game. We started this game and liked how it was. This is not what some of us paid for. This is not what keeps both F2P and P2P in your game. You are murdering your game and your players.
    The drop rate of both is huge. Soon there will be nobody left in your game.

    The only way we can make you listen is by no longer spending a dime on your game. This needs to be done for F2P and P2P. Both should be respected. [Syn]Synerg88, the largest non korean ally in the game (switching back and forth to nr 1 position with GxB) will lead this boycott by not spending until we get heard.
    We hope many alliances will follow our example as we do this for everyone in the game.

    Write up your own message or copy and paste this, or adjust it. But spread the word, make it viral, and most important of all, join the boycott. Stop spending.

    Send a respresentative or multipe towards us, we have a line group set up where things can be discussed. Where Joycity can also involve in talks.
    If we do not get the respect we deserve to atleast being talked to about changes then we have no other choice then to cut our spending forever and seek another game to move forward to.

    For anyone else that wants to involve in this boycott please add line ID damiagracia for an add into a global chatroom focused on the changes we want.

    – Your customers

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