Pixar’s Ratatouille Funko Pop! Review

For today’s review, I wanted to take a look at this past summer’s release of Funko’s Pop! Vinyls Collection from Disney-Pixar’s film Ratatouille. A personal favorite of mine, this animated movie features the adventures of a rat, Remy, in Paris as he rises to stardom as a great chef. How, you may ask? Well, you need to watch the movie for that one.



This collection features Pop! versions of Remy (along with a flocked Chase), his brother Emile, and Alfredo Linguini, a human chef that Remy helps during the movie.


With this review, I will not be removing the Chase Remy from packaging. Instead, here is a side-by-side look at them in packaging. You can see that the flocked version doesn’t have the fur detail like the regular one. Additionally, it’s lighter in color.


Here is a closer look at the three regular releases.



Alfredo Linguini

Overall, I feel this is a great start to a Ratatouille collection. I say start because I would love to see Chef Gusteau, along with the different iterations throughout the movie. I also would love to see more variations with Remy, perhaps without the chef hat, etc. Still, I am very happy that Funko finally decided to make Pop! Vinyls from this Pixar property, and I hope that there are more to come.


Did you pick up the Ratatouille Pop! Vinyls? If so, let us know what you think of the collection in the comments below. 




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