Review: A Look at Mattel’s Coco Collection

Today, I take a look at some of the items from Mattel’s Coco collection. Featuring characters and elements from Disney-Pixar’s newest movie Coco,, which came out a couple of weeks ago, these toys are sure to be hits for the holiday season. Let’s check them out.


Pepita Mask– $7.99

Sure to be a fun role play item for kids, this mask featuring Mama Imelda’s alebrije, or spirit guide, in The Land of the Dead.

Nothing much to review here except to say it was fun to wear this mask, which can fit adults as well, as I reviewed the other products.


Miguel and Hector 12″ Action Figures– $9.99



These action figures (I would possibly consider them dollish in features) of Miguel and Hector feature multiple points of articulation. Miguel comes in his Land of the Dead makeup and is packed in with Ernesto de la Cruz’s guitar. Hector is a bit limited in mobility, especially in his arms, and both seem awkward in stance if trying to stand on their own. However, they do have some great detail and look great standing together.



Land of the Dead Skullectables Playset- $19.99


Next up is the Land of the Dead Skullectables Play Set. Included in this Play Set are four regular Skullectables (Miguel, Dante, Mama Imelda, and Hector), as well as an exclusive large scale Pepita Skullectable.

While the four regular Skullectables can be also obtained in the Skullectable blind packs, also available at retail locations, the exclusive Pepita is what the value of this play set is with. While there is a small Pepita also in the blind packs, this large scale Pepita goes with the regular Skullectables better… and the detail in this collectible is pretty awesome.


Guitar- $29.99

This role play version of Ernesto de la Cruz’ guitar features working lights and sounds, making it so one can learn how to play some simple songs from the movie.

Along with the guitar, there is a simple songbook where one can learn “Adelita”, “La Golondrina”, “Si Va El Vapor”, and, the main song in the movie, “Remember Me” (“Recuerdame”).

I tackled trying to learn “Remember Me”. Though it took a few tries, I finally got it sounding halfway decent. Moreover, I had fun doing it, and I plan on practicing it more for fun. Additionally, the guitar looks awesome on its’ own as a display piece. A perfect memento for any fan of the movie.


Overall, Mattel has put out some great collectibles for Coco. What you see here is just a small sample of everything they offer, including more action figures, Skullectables, play sets, craft projects, and more.

Special thanks to Mattel for sending these items over for me to take a look at. Be sure to add these collectibles, and other Mattel items, to your children’s gift piles this holiday season.



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